lounging in anthropologie

omg you guys you ever get that feeling when you leave a meeting and you are SO refreshed and jazzed about the upcoming future that you just can’t stand it?!

that is how i felt when i left the tuesdays together meeting last week hosted by the rising tide society at the cheney place in grand rapids.  it was a gathering of some of grand rapids most amazing creatives in one spot swapping ideas on business and the topic of the month.

as much as we did get covered that day… it was hard for my eyes not to wander i mean… can you believe this place! ?!?! you can rent the props and host your wedding and reception here. how. beautiful. right?!?

before we go any further here is my outfit breakdown:

dress: anthropologie
vest: anthropologie (old) similar here
tights: anthropologie
booties: MTNG 

i got this vest for my birthday last year but was so worried about “wasting” it’s first wear..that i didn’t wear it. i admired it hanging in my closet all year. that’s when anthropologie had a sale for 20% off full priced items and i saw this dress… hanging there… in the pajama section. i know! but it’s so comfy and cozy and i thought… this is a great layering piece and it is coming home with me. i’m in love. (i’m also wearing the dress again today). of course had to pair it with my becca booties (they are almost sold out!) these are the best boots for your hard earned money i swear. i wear either my gray or black ones every single day. if you can’t find your size give jb and me a call they MIGHT be able to special order you a pair. anthro2
nywhooooo have any of you ever converted “lounge wear” or pajamas into your everyday style? I’m not talking micky mouse pajama pants to the grocery store i’m talking you would never know the difference?

have a fantastic thursday! (omg it’s thursday already!?)

photos by wandering enchanted 🙂

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