mid week florals

i’m feeling the time crunch friends. it’s so hard to get stuff done at the end of the day when you come home and it’s dark at 5:00 and all you want to do is eat noodles and watch tv. but you can’t eat noodles because that is not the best dinner choice for you health and you have too much to do than to sit and watch tv but it’s dark so you end up eating noodles and watching tv. i think i just answered my own question as to why i’m not getting things done.

dress: jbandme old similar here and here
cardigan: vintage similar here
boots: mtng old similar here
tights: j.crew

Midweek Florals

the thing is and it’s the same thing i repeat over and over i have a deep love and appreciation for everything that i do. i love my shop, i love my job, i love to cook, decorate, my animals and it’s a constant challenge to juggle them all and not let anything slip. however sometimes your brain just knows best and tells you ….. tonight you eat some noodles and watch an embarrassingly amount of will and grace reruns (finished season 3 again).
Midweek Florals

lets add one more thing to the list shall we? i’m trying not to dress like an olsen twin (the hobo years) every day in the winter. last year when i was going through “stuff” and i put on weight because of my lack of desire to do anything but eat fruity pebbles and stay in bed i put on some lbs and didn’t wear anything but my green free people sweater and lulu lemon leggings which in hindsight was a big upgrade from my 7th grade uniform of an xxl tommy h. sweatshirt and flare black stretch pants. i like to think i have better hair styles too (top knot vs. bottom bun with two grunge pop strangly curls to the front).
Midweek Florals
so hear you get a two for one. 1.) me not in a sweatshirt and leggings but a dress and tights 2.) i’m using items i already have in my closet to make up new outfits. i got this dress from jbandme (holland and grand rapids) a few years ago and i love how structured and thick the material is. paired with the mtng boots i write about all the time (i think earlier this week i posted the gray ones) and a cardigan i bought from an estate sale.  reuse and repurpose, not look like a drain rat and save some money. all in all a good thursday!Midweek Florals

Midweek Florals

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