modern farmhouse hallway lighting

i’ve taken a long enough hiatus from working on the house and i am ready to jump back into it. my next big project (if i can make myself get started on it) is the pink tile bathroom on the main floor. once i get that wallpaper taken down and the trim painted i can start taking that into the kitchen/living room and really go to town at it. however there are little projects here and there that i can do. i’ve decided the next sizable purchase for the humble abode will be new hallway lighting.

currently the lighting in there is a little too elaborate for my taste. especially because the next big paint job is going to be painting the walls white (vs. the beige that they are now. so i want something really clean and modern but still farmhouse. remember the theme of this house is farmhouse glam (just ask my orange velvet couch). the tricky part about this hallway is that i need two wall sconces to match with a flush ceiling mount. the ceiling mount version also has to go with the tin ceiling (that leads into the kitchen). which…. the kitchen lights will probably need to coordinate? yes/no? (the big copper ones above the island).

anyways here is a picture of the current staircase

so the lights are pretty but just not the look i’m going for. i need something a little more sleek and updated. i’m not painting any of this wood so it needs to mute it a little bit. here are some options i found while scouring the web…. thoughts?


i love how simple these two globe versions are from west elm. i haven’t checked any dimensions so i’m not sure if the flush mount would fit in that area on the tin ceiling because the door needs to open and close to the basement. but i just think they’re sleek and shiny.

pelle sconce by west elm

sphere + stem flushmount west elm

i love this sconce from rejuvenation. i’m constantly stalking the website but have yet to pull the trigger on a piece from there. they are the only ones who have the brass beautiful ceiling fans i covet so much. what i love about this light is that it’s taller and will take up more wall space. i have a fear of nailing things into the wood paneling and i think the large white sconce is just stunning.

cedar & moss sconce rejuvenation 

ceder & moss conifer flush mount by rejuvenation 

this version is the traditional barn lighting i found at lampsplus. i have ordered alot of lighting for pentwater from there and have been very pleased. i’m just not sure if i want to go this rustic with the hallway lighting but maybe i do need something toned down a bit in there.

black cage light from lampsplus

urban barn collection lamps plus

what do you think?  post links to your favorite wall sconces! i need some inspiration!

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