Moving Forward

So April 11 is the day….when Joe (my lovely fiance) and I combine budgets. Am I scared? OF COURSE. I mean he knows what he is getting into but I will have to be responsible for him as well as myself. With combining budgets comes an increase in trust and respect. Thank goodness for Ebay. Whatever I sell on ebay does not count for any part of our budget (goodbye MK peep toe booties that I have never worn) so that equals extra spending money.

On a different note… What I got at Shoe In. I got 4 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell’s for $100! I got some teal and brown striped pumps, orange snakeskin peep toe pumps, brown peep toe buckle flats, and a pair of basic black pumps.

Tomorrow! I go to work at I can’t wait to see what is there! We have been getting some really cute Odd Molly stuff as well as my favorite French Connection! (hopefully the new love quotes came in) if you follow their blog on twitter (shopjbandme) then you get updated as new goodies come in!

Tonight! I am going to Mangiamos with some buddies from work. At any of the gilmore collection restaraunts from 4-6 its half off wine, 1.99 drinks, 1.99 aps. cant beat it!
Its a recession happy hour!

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