Nordstrom Rack

Sorry Everyone,
I got married and didn’t have time to blog.
The wedding went awesome ( I will post pictures soon!) and married life is going great!

So. back to shopping,
I went to Nordstrom Rack in Grand Rapids last night after work and got some incredible deals! I got a pair of william rast straight legs for $22
I also got an ella moss blue knit top for $11
2 michael stars striped turtle necks for $5 each
and a Design history cream sweater market down from $168 to $12!!!!!!!

I even decided to leave some stuff behind because I really didn’t NEED any of these items.
I left behind a sheer brown ella moss tunic $11 and a design history Cardigan for $15.

A few days back I also went to my home, and bought the True Religon Boy cut shorts (sooo cute, my favorite!) and the AG Ex boyfriend short, My second favorite.
More to come!
Keep Shopping!

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