a few hours in nyc

to only have like 8 hours in nyc just isn’t really fair. i don’t think. i mean i know i’m here for work n all but i should at least get three days total. 1 to shop 1 to work and 1 to eat. but nope i had to condense travel, eat and shop all in like 10 hours. so unfair. (but i’ll take what i can get) (i’m a lucky gal)

so i had a flawless flight here for once. perhaps its because i flew at the ass crack of dawn or because it was direct or because i didn’t check a bag…. maybe even a combo of the above? regardless it was up by 3am, boarded by 5:30 and at my hotel by 8:30. it was either that or leave gr at like 9 and get here at 3. with layovers. boo. i opted for early.

i have been to nyc a few times for various reasons. mission trips, visiting roommate, fun trip, etc. always to manhattan not that there is anything wrong with that. joe and i spent an entire week in manhattan once.

this time though i had my sights set on brooklyn. i looked up several guides and decided to follow gweneth paltrows goop brooklyn guide which was…ok. 1/5 of the shops they suggested were out of business but the rest were fantastic. i only followed the shopping recommendations because we all know that lady doesn’t eat. at least nothing that i really care t0. here is a rundown of my day.
i had breakfast/coffee at sugarburg. i was going to go for the iced americano but the nice man in the typical brooklyn expected mustache told me to go for the coldbrew. and what he said was true…it was one of the best, smoothest cold brews i’ve ever had. we chatted about detroit for a bit (because you know if you are from michigan youre from detroit … or flint). but soon i was on my way. i went to one of the most amazing kitchen stores called brooklyn kitchen. the prices and offerings were amazing. from the cocktail selections to the table linens and the entire attic was fermentation (beer, kraut, etc). i walked out with an ice mallet (wtf) and some table linens and an enamel tray.
nyc7after that i walked to catbird, sharktooth, greenhouse + co, west elm MARKET and all the other neighborhood shops grabbing lunch at pies and thighs. it was one of the best fricken chicken sandwiches i’ve ever had. i’m SO regretting passing on the pie.


that took me a while and almost 5 miles of walking (i wore good shoes). i hopped in an uber and went right to fishes eddy back in manhatten where i sent home a bunch of china. like seriously you guys this store is my version of heaven. it’s gorgeous. it’s like… glassware and table decor supplies galore. i showed some restraint but didn’t have total control hence having to ship it home.


after i spent a while in fishs eddy i briefly walked around 5th avenue (kate spade, madewell the usual suspects) and from there i headed to the chelsea market.

i grabbed dinner there at one of the italian places it was ok. not mind blowing but enough to satisfy my stomach and i didn’t overeat. sooooo thats cool right? (I would have much rather it been awesome and overate) but you win some you lose some. i walked the market and went hog wild at the kitchen supply store there. i’m sorry but how the hell am i supposed to fit a vintage inspired kitchen scale in my carry on? i’ll figure it out. at least it’s not fragile WINE BOTTLES (AHEM Delta).


i also bought. ahem 36 kitchen napkins. who whoa wait what. yea 36. listen 50 cents. 50. cents. not the raper. towel stock kitchen napkins. i don’t care if i have to stuff my bra with them to get them home. i will get them home. on my way out i bought a half bottle of wine and headed back to my room.

the hotel is gorgeous and i wanted to see the sunset from the rooftop bar but when i got up there there was loud boom boom music and people “bumpin and grindin” so i ran away back to my room, answered work emails while watching chopped and drinking my half bottle.

now today it’s a full long day of meetings and then a (hopefully) quick flight home!

and that is NYC in one day!

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