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today is the day! well more like tonight is the night. the found cottage opens for business tonight at 6pm. the culmination of 20 men and women’s hard hard work has finally come together to open the doors to the public tonight. we are geeked. tonight…we are open for business!

we are expecting large crowds tonight so we extended our grand opening celebration through saturday. tonight will be the first peak at the store and ability to shop. friday will be our first full day open for business and saturday we will be having our friends from the nut hut set up in our parking lot for some winter time fun. ummmm sweet hot roasted nut treats sign me up! if you do not want to battle the crowds tonight have no fear we are going to be restocking all weekend to make sure we have fresh product available for shopping. don’t sweat it!


like i said before when i left found in holland i thought i was done. finished with retail. i was going to do booths only and avoid retail at all together for the rest of eternity. yea right that worked. i was talking to my friend dann yesterday. retail is a bug. once you are bit you are bit. you are forced to be creative, adaptive, ahead of trends. it’s a gamble, it’s a high and i thrive on it. i love working with people, i love creating displays, i love helping people shop…retail is perfect for me. sure the meaning of “retail” is always changing but that is part of being able to be adaptive. you have to consistently reinvent yourself. no day is ever the same and i think that is pretty special.


i would be lying if i didn’t say that it was always in the back of my mind that i would be back to retail again someday. i just didn’t think it would be this soon. but sometimes God puts people in your life that make you think welp… this is the time. lisa and liz came into my life when we became owners of a flea market in our town. while the event was successful, and it was hard for us to leave we knew we had to. we do this not only for business but for joy and fun. some issues going on in the group did not bring us joy or fun and so we left which set a series of events into place that led us to a biggby coffee shop where we decided…lets do this.


liz and lisa bring such a dynamic to the group. it is a relief to have a solid team of good trustworthy hardworking woman by your side. we are a team. we are equals. we support each other. that is the first building block you need for a successful business. the second layer is the amazing friends we have on board as vendors. vendors (mostly our friggin talented amazing friends) that see our vision for this new concept of store and not only see the vision but support it and encourage it. to that we are so so so so grateful.


we are over the top excited for you to come visit us tonight. our vendors have worked so hard along with us to get the shop ready. we are THRILLED to be a part of the hudsonville community and have a goal of contributing and building up the hudsonville shopping scene and making our city a destination for amazing finds. community over competition, we are excited to be joining a long stretch of amazing businesses along chicago drive.


thank you so much to all of the support from our friends and family for making this possible. it truly takes a village and again we are so grateful. our hours for the rest of the weekend are:

thursday,  january 14: 6pm – 9pm
friday, january 15 10am – 6pm
saturday, january 16 10am – 5pm.

regular hours are:

tuesday, wednesday and friday: 10am – 6pm
thursday: 10am – 8pm
saturday: 10am – 5pm
sunday: church, picking, rest (closed)
monday: restock and reset (closed)


be sure to keep up with all of our events, products, new finds and more

grand opening event page


see you tonight!

photos by: wandering enchanted



  1. Christina Rowgo says:

    I’m so excited! I just moved to Allegan in the fall and then found you on Instagram through Liz.(I recognized your porch on her post) I think it’s exciting what you are doing and wish you the best!

  2. Congrats on the new shop…it looks amazing!! As a owner of the same type of business, I know all about the bug. Enjoy your grand opening and I hope your customers empty you out.


  3. I love the style of this shop! I must visit the next time I’m in Michigan! <3

  4. What a dream! It all looks amazing. Congrats X100!!

  5. I’m totally buying that felt garland. don’t let anyone touch it!

  6. How very exciting!!! It looks absolutely fabulous! I wish I was closer to stop in!

  7. Beautiful store! If only it were in SC!

  8. Sorry I stopped before you were open today. I have been seeing all over FB that today was your opening. I just didn’t open the site to see the time☹

  9. Just found you, are you by any chance looking for more vendors? I’m currently selling at Main & Drake Makers Market in Kalamazoo. Hoping to possibly expand as our lease expires the end of Feb.


  10. This is such a great post, lots of nice photos, etc. enthusiasm, but where are you? Seem to have missed it somewhere!

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