Yesterday I wasn’t going to buy anything , but of course I did.Just something little. I went to the Macy’s in Woodland mall and purchased the matching wristlet to my new summer (grand haven bling bling) tote.Hey, it was 30% off okay?Don’t judge me

Nordstrom Rack

Sorry Everyone,I got married and didn’t have time to blog.The wedding went awesome ( I will post pictures soon!) and married life is going great! So. back to shopping,I went to Nordstrom Rack in Grand Rapids last night after work and got some incredible deals! I got a pair of william rast straight legs for […]

Banana Republic Trip and a lil local shopping

I went to the Banana this weekend in search of some spring work clothes. They had a sweet promotion going on where you spend $100 get a $30 Gift Certificate you can use anytime after that next purchse. I ended up getting a rose colored silk dress for $30, A giant yellow and brown leather […]

I need to get better at this

So I apologize about again, taking another month to post but I have been super busy!I started a great new job working in Corporate Communications (which has been freakin amazing if I do say so myself). I also got a new puppy his name is binks. He is 11 weeks old and a naughty naughty […]

With Spring Comes Fashion!

Ahhh Although Michigan is promising snow again this weekend…it is still Springtime and with Spring time comes….Spring Fashion Shows!I was just updated about one happening between Smooch beauty boutique located in Holland and Grand Rapids and Muse from Downtown Grand Rapids.The show is April 3rd at Eve nightclub (on top of the B.O.B)There will be […]

Soooo one of my favorite LOCAL boutiques is having an online is having an extra 20% sale, sale. THey have great lines of French Connection, Me too, Jeffrey Campbell, and a vast array of designer denim. Again I cannot stress the importance of shopping local.FYI I just got an email from Smooch anouncing a […]

Moving Forward

So April 11 is the day….when Joe (my lovely fiance) and I combine budgets. Am I scared? OF COURSE. I mean he knows what he is getting into but I will have to be responsible for him as well as myself. With combining budgets comes an increase in trust and respect. Thank goodness for Ebay. […]

A Sad Goodbye to Shoe In….

It is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to one of my favorite shoe stores in Grand Rapids. Shoe In located off of East Paris has just announced that it will be closing its doors with class saying goodbye with with a Wine and Cheese party tonight.With this said it is just so […]

Savings Angel!

Omg for those of you in west Mi you have to try savings angel! My mom has been trying to get me to do it for weeks and I finally did!It is a local company that tracks coupons and sales from meijer, rite aid, etc. it is $20 a month but every referral signup you […]

Sorry, I am horrible

Sorry Friends, For I have been a neglectful blogger 🙁However I post today because something has really made me think… The boutique that I absolutely love, adore, and have worked at for almost 4 years has decided to consolidate it’s two stores into one for economic purposes.Thus being said, in trying times like these I […]

So friends,Just because I haven’t been posting does NOT mean I haven’t been shopping. Last night I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought a True Religion Down Jacket on sale for $40! Its teal (they had about 6 colors) and has the horseshoe emblem on the pockets on each arm. Down puffy coats are not […]

It’s been a few days…

Sorry that is has been a few days!I went to Pier one again in Holland and the lovely ladies there returned everything I bought from there in the past month ( from my recepts) and put it on a pier one card which saved me 10% and scored me a bunch of points.I went clothes […]