peach bellini jam and blue cheese

i don’t think it’s a secret that if it’s covered in cheese, i want it. my dutch great grandma once said “if given the choice between chocolate or cheese i will always choose cheese”. so it’s hereditary. i love cheese really but nothing beats a good cheese plate. you don’t need a ton just some […]

Otto Craig 10 months

do you know how long “take otto’s 10 month pictures” has been on my to do list? forever. well at least a month. and you know what? he is 11 months in two days. boo. so luckily i actually did take these pics with my friend ashley when he was actually ten months old. granted […]

lemon curd berry tart

this weekend we stayed home and had time to lounge around the house and dare i say…relax?! guys it’s so hard for me to sit. i’ve alway struggled with rest because there is just so much that i love to do and it’s hard to stay in one place. but one thing i love to […]

favorite canning resources

it’s june in michigan and that means… it’s time to start canning or “preserving”. every single year i go bananas thinking i’m never going to get to taste a single strawberry ever again and i can like a mad woman. like seriously if the apocalypse comes, head to the farm i have jam to feed […]

charleston city map

A while ago now we went on our first family road trip to charleston, south carolina. it was one of the best vacations of our life. it was relaxing, intimate and quiet. everyone was so friendly and the architecture and landscaping were absolutely breath taking. not to mention the shopping was amazing. (read more about […]

June Flea Markets!

here is your roundup of june markets and sales in the michigan, indiana, ohio, wisconsin area. if you have one i missed send it to me here!   Event: Outdoor Living Event Location: Lost and Found Grand Rapids: 445 Century Ave. SW. Grand Rapids MI 49503 Date: June 16,2018 Time: 10am – 5pm Event: Market […]

freckle farm primitives

you know those stores that you stalk on the social sites and dream about going to and shopping. lusting after each product that they post? (come on, it CAN’T be just me). well that was how i felt about freckle farm primitives in la porte, indiana. one rainy morning she posted a white and navy […]

9 years of marriage

if i could tell myself 9 years ago where i’d be today i’m not quite sure if i’d believe myself. did that just make any sense? never in my wildest dreams would i ever think that 9 years in we’d be living out in the country with sheep and chickens and a baby. never in […]

nashville alabama road trip

when our doctor said it was ok to travel with otto we were off! no joke last month we were in charleston south carolina for work/play but this last trip was all vacation and it was lovely. we went on a ten day road trip south and had ourselves quite an adventure. we left friday […]

Want to join my garden club?

long story short, i started an online garden club.  Guys my free farmhand joe and I have been working our butts off in the garden. Sorry to use the word “butt” so early in the morning / week but we have. Literally, my body feels like i just did a biggest loser workout for the […]

3 tips how to find flea markets

it’s summer in michigan and that means one thing.. or maybe like ten things to me. flea market season. (and garden, pool, beach, cottage, farmers market etc season). i’ve been to maybe three or four markets already this summer and some were better than others. one thing is for sure though.. i never have a problem […]

mothers day weekend at the leland lodge

i think we may have started a new tradition for mothers day. or at least maybe i hope that its a yearly tradition. rewind – we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do to for mothers day and thinking maybe hiding out at home or going to pentwater? maybe chicago for the […]