My birth story

well… my kid is sleeping (again) and i am taking a break from sitting and staring at him to share with you my side of his birth story. i shared his here last week but before he came into this world i had a HUGE fear of giving birth. i know it sounds so silly […]

weekend recap ottos home!

we finally busted out of the NICU on friday afternoon. it was an exhilarating, triumphant and terrifying experience all in one. on one hand we finally got to take our sweet otto man home and snuggle him and care for him with all of his own things. just to be home there is nothing like […]

otto update

the days in the nicu are so long and yet so short at the same time. we are feeding and pumping every three hours, learning about new meds, monitoring heart rates and respiratory rates and talking to doctors that honestly i have very few moments to sit in the quiet with our son. i am […]

Weekend recap – a word from Joe

good morning. this weekend has been another roller coaster of emotions. otto was doing great, then not so great then great again. and each time my heart sinks and rises and sinks and rises. my tongue is about bit in half. it’s a bad habit when trying not to cry to literally bite your tongue. today […]

welcome to the adventure otto

can we just talk about yesterday?!?! the most surreal crazy wonderful day of our entire lives. honestly let me start off by saying thank you so so so so so much for the continuous prayers and encouragement throughout the day. there is no way yesterday would have went as good as it did without the […]

pray boldly

yesterday was a gift. in all of this, once i found out we were having a c section i prayed, God on top of everything else i have been asking for please just give us the planned part. let joe and i have one more planned out day together to prepare ourselves for the journey […]

joe and abby day

today is joe and abby day. joe officially starts his week off today and we are going to spend it together drinking coffee, going back to some of the places from our first dates, farmers markets and a few things around the house. the nursery is set, the bags are (almost packed). the only things […]

things i wish i would have known about pregna..

now that we are seriously two days away from meeting our little goldfish i’ve been reflecting on the past nine months and what i’ve learned, what i wish i would have listened to, what people tell you etc. there is so much information out there in internet and book world about pregnancy (why not add […]

weekend recap countdown to goldfish

this weekend i just prayed. i prayed God if the goldfish decides to come this weekend let it be and let it be awesome but if it’s ok with you just give joe and i one last weekend as the two of us. i feel a bit like we’ve been given this gift to be […]

finally friday baby moon

well….. this is our last weekend before baby. what?!? WHAT??!?!! this is just nuts to think about but honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever looked forward to a weekend more. we really don’t have anything concrete planned other than a few places that we really want to go. (salt, pentwater, southerner) i know it’s not […]

thirty eight weeks

gulp again. as of today we are officially one week away from having the goldfish. unless it makes a debut before it’s scheduled date. thirty eight weeks officially of pregnancy.  last night my friend aimee and i went and got pedicures and the lady who was giving me a pedicure told me that the signs […]

new couch for screen room

i am nesting like a fricken crazy person around the house and no matter what i do nothing seems clean enough, organized enough, anything enough. i had a mini meltdown with joe last night because i said we are just moving $hit from one room to another! and of course it was all his fault. […]