ottos first halloween

i have never been one to “celebrate” halloween. it’s just not one of my favorites. me? i’m more of a thanksgiving and fourth of july kind of girl. mostly because they surround my two favorite kinds of pie. cherry pie and pumpkin pie. that and i just love the nostalgia that surrounds them. i don’t […]

mental breaking point

i think everyone has a mental breaking point. for me lately it’s not one singular moment but rather a pulsated series of moments filled in with wonderful sparkling moments of hope if that makes any sense. yesterday was one of those mini breaking moments. for starters i’m not a monday person in general never have […]

three months of otto

this weekend we did a whollllle lot of nothing. and by nothing i mean… nothing. i attempted to do things but even that turned in to nothing. i pretty much spent the weekend snuggling otto at my parents cottage binge watching “this is us” and not believing that otto is three months old already. in […]

simple fall dining room decor

you guys.. otto slept from 10pm-4am and then again from 5am – currently sleeping. what did i do to deserve such good luck? maybe baby boy is starting to realize his parents are so much more fun when they’re rested. and when they’re rested they can do more fun things like play with fall decor. […]

Things I wish I knew about the NICU

i’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. and things became much more clear after we bailed out of the PICU which surprisingly was a completely different experience from the NICU. the more specialist we see and hospital visits we make the more we come to appreciate our time at the NICU […]

weekend recap the slow life

what a gorgeous fall weekend to have together for the first time in three weeks. i feel like we missed most of october so this warm fall weather was much welcomed. we are adjusting to what we call “the slower life’. in fact im typing this with one hand because otto is finally sleeping in […]

so this is life

life after leaving the PICU is completely different from life after the NICU. for one were not learning so much as to how to take care of a newborn but how to take care of an infant who just had a major surgery and isn’t quite well yet. that is kind of scary. especially when […]

homeward bound

we received the news yesterday afternoon that we are officially homeward bound today! i cannot believe it. if you would have told me last week sunday we would be preparing to head home i would have given you a blank stare similar to the one i’m having right now. we have truly been gifted a […]

the goodness of people

my answer to everything lately has been “a few days ago” even though it might have been yesterday or two weeks ago. it’s hard to keep track of what happened when. we’ve been in the general floor for… a few days now and have been adjusting quite well here. i look at the general floor […]

life in general

yesterday around 11am we were moved out of the picu and on to a general admission floor. being moved brought back such similar feelings of leaving the safety of the nicu just two short months ago. in just one week you get to know your team of caregivers and doctors so much that you feel […]

otto update icu jail break

we just might break out of ICU today. WHAT?!!? yea you heard me. we came in to otto’s room and it was all tidied up and ready for us to get the boot. the majority of his machines are gone because we don’t need em! i’m still in shock. just absolute shock and awe about […]

baby steps pun intended

guys we are making baby steps forward (pun intended). literally after having what i call $hit days friday and saturday otto slowly has been making a turn around for the better. and i type this with the apprehension that the decision for more surgery could happen with any step of a doctor that walks into […]