painted kitchen area

so while joe was out whooping it up with his buddies all over nashville last weekend at a bachelor party i was home slaving away and delivering lambs lol. ok well… i couldn’t sleep one night. and i thought rather than just sit on my computer i will paint the kitchen area (which was my plan for the next morning). i debated for about a year what to do with this room before it was decided: simply paint. i knew i wasn’t ready to commit to painting the brick even though it’s not the cool chippy chunky brick. i just am not the biggest fan of painted brick. so after committing to leaving it i decided it needed a dark color to make it look less red.

the walls were currently yellow and with the green seafoam ceiling it just wasn’t my jam. even though i am indeed a color loving person it just wasn’t right for my style. i was chatting about it with lisa and liz at the shop and i was thinking maybe a deep navy for these walls and that’s when liz said, didn’t you paint your dining room black? why don’t you just use that color. brilliant. the rooms are right next to each other so it carries over nicely.

and honestly, i think it even makes the green ceiling kind of work. i’m actually going to hold off on painting the ceiling until i decide how i feel about it. i’m in no rush (clearly).

now all that’s left to do here is a new light fixture above the table, curtains and a solution for the tv in here. right now it’s on the window ledge.  for some reason the kitchen is where the main receiver had to go so we just need to figure something out. i’m also going to be switching out this dining room table. even though this table is sealed it’s hard to keep clean and with a baby on the way i don’t want to be scrubbing baby food out of the cracks. so i guess the search is on for that too lol.

happy tuesday!

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