perfecting the patio

as previously stated last weekend was about at least getting out my patio gear. i have a little bit of an issue hoarding collecting vintage wrought iron patio furniture. i can’t help it! i love all the intricate designs and colors, shapes… i could go on forever baby.

i’ve been collecting it for about 6 years now. at our old house in byron center the furniture knew where it’s home was every year i got it out of the garage. now i need to find it new homes. i went from bursting at the seams with vintage outdoor furniture to “not having enough” in my perspective. joe the dream killer might tell you otherwise. he bitches about it but when it comes down to it, the man appreciates a nice vintage lounger. no matter what he tells you.

so as i was getting the furniture out of the barn on a nice sunny saturday morning i go to look outside and ummm yea it’s white with snow. wtf!? it lasted about 10 minutes and i ALMOST gave up unpacking everything but alas, i stayed strong and got out about 60% of the furniture. didn’t want to put out wicker yet. brittle.

i focused on 3 main areas

1. fire pit area by the pool
2. upper deck patio/grill area
3. gazebo near pool


lets start with the upper deck and grill area. i have a tiny little obsession with tulip chairs. my friend mark miller from lost and found does not help me much. he sold me like two of these and the table. the chairs are really reasonable at $30 – $40 (compare that to a new patio chair and your saving like $60). some people get nervous around tulip chairs… once i had one that was so rusty i was sitting in it at a yard sale and it slowly bent back and collapsed in slow motion. whoops. you also might want to get your tetanus shot too but with a little spray lacquer you’ll be fine.  anyway usually i have the tulip chairs around the fire pit (back in ye ol byron) but this is the land of new. i snagged this patio table from mark and it was just too cute with these chairs so voila grille area. i’m thinking in that corner by the lamp post i am going to put the wicker set for lounging. also this area (as well as all of them) definitely need plants. since this spot is right off the screen room i’m going to put my herb pots and small container peas and peppers here for easy access. also not crazy about the rug… it’s on it’s last leg. we’ll see. what do you think?

patio 1

patio 4

ok now how about we move to gazebo area?

we would eventually like to turn the backside of this gazebo into an outdoor kitchen but 1. that is pricy and 2. we need to actually paint the house and do other maintenance first. think long term. i’m not crazy about the red roof but it matches the roof of the house and barns so i’m not going to change it. it’s strange while i really like to wear the color red i rarely decorate it. i think it’s because growing up i was scared by that 80’s/90’s burgundy victorian theme. mom, don’t be offended it was hot to trot in it’s time and i applaud you for updating it in a timely manner. but burgundy was never my fav and it is the 2nd cousin to red. i’m getting off topic here. i think this is another great place near the pool area that provides a little more shade and less steps. low and behold! i have another patio table! i WAY overpaid at a flea market for this bad boy 3 years ago but i was desperate to find a rectangle vintage metal patio table. i had looked for one for at least 2 summers. the large vintage wrought iron patio chair that has like an royal crown i bought off mark (again) at an estate sale. he beat me too it and i begged and stalked him for three solid days until he agreed to sell it to me. annoying persistence sometimes wins people. the bench… that was a heck of deal. pulled it out of a dumpster. cost me grease on a j.crew pencil skirt we’ll say $39. i’m ok with it though. although i’m not feeling everything in a different color. i’m thinking about painting this entire set a high gloss black… what do you think? (oh and that rug is way too small but i was just tossing things out there)

patio 3

patio 2

the last area we shall focus on today is the fire pit less fire pit area. we are looking to get one of those sweet gas fire pits. but the dream killer said i have to save my pennies. we have a large ring fire pit for massive bon fires behind the barn but this is like… civilized fire. cocktail fires if you will. the two brown chairs are recent purchases from landrys antiques near hudsonville. talk to Russ he’ll give you a deal! the other two chairs were from my old store found 🙁 my former business partner susan found them and again i had to have them. they are super comfy but due for a new paint job (as are the brown) not sure what color i’m feeling yet…

patio 5


so that is the actual furniture area of things. i need to repaint a few pieces, landscape the heck out of this place and make it a sweet swanky back yard oasis. what do you think?

ps: the outdoor rugs are from world market. they usually go 50% off mid summer 😉


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