class event at my house

you guys…. i’m SO excited to share with you about an upcoming event at my house.

when liz, lisa and i opened the found cottage  back in january we did so because we wanted to create a sense of community, support and house for local artists, creatives and pickers. it has grown beyond our wildest dreams and highest expectations. we are always striving to push it to the next level.


one comment we often here at the shop is “does your house look like this?” the short answer to that is …. kind of? the three of us each have our own distinct style that meshes up at the shop. we thought… wouldn’t it be fun to host a private workshop at our homes? invite our fellow customers over for a night out learning a new skill and making new friends.

then… natalie creates contacted me. i about freaked out. i have been following her for..ever. she is flying in to west michigan to teach a pickling workshop at my home along with her pal (and mine too) megan modderman  who will be hosting the diy craft portion of the night.

to say i’m excited is a vast and huge understatement. join me and my crew of farm animals at my home saturday, august 13 from 4pm – 7pm for a night of learning, fellowship and just all out fun as we learn how to pickle. light refreshments will be provided 🙂

the event link is here to purchase tickets 

share the facebook event here

would absolutely love to host you!
spring porch decor 1


  1. Thank you for hosting! I too have been following Natalie for a number of years. My ticket is purchased!

  2. Oh my goodness! I would love to grab a girlfriend and join you! We leave for vacation… In Pentwater of all places….that day
    I’ll be on the lookout for the next one and hopefully I can come. Maybe just to see your amazing home and cute animals. ☺️

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