road trip essentials

joe and i left this morning bright and early on yet another road trip. we are meeting up with my family down south for a little rest and relaxation to close out 2016. let me tell you we got so lucky for traveling this time of year up north. you run the risks of blizzards and ice. rarely do you get 40 degrees and sunny in december. but i’m not complaining and i’m keeping my fingers crossed it stays this way on my way home.

we packed up last night and i have a few favorite long car ride essentials.

  1. dress in layers. joe likes the car ice cold and i like it flaming hot. i’m usually bundled up and he’s usually in a t shirt. layer it up especially when you are driving from one climate to another.
  2. water. if i stay hydrated i feel refreshed and less likely to slam a five guys burger. (which happens on road trips more than i care to admit).
  3. healthy snacks that won’y weigh you down. i am a big fan of the bel vita breakfast bars. the ones that are filled with almond butter.
  4. magazines. books make me carsick. i stick to magazines and pictures that do not make me car sick.
  5. podcasts. podcasts are the best way to pass the drive. especially when you get a good one going. we drove to Tennessee and back listening to serial. right now we are listening to up and vanished recommendation courtesy of my crime drama obsessed friend liz.
  6. cash, credit cards, gas card and other emergancy doo dads. you never know what could go wrong and when. best always to be prepared. if you credit card gets hacked or stolen or doesn’t work it’s always a good idea to have cash.

what are some of your favorite road trip essentials? any must listen to podcasts?


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