screen room in transition

ok so yesterday we discussed the slate flooring in the screen room and it was overwhelming how many people said keep the slate! after much thought though, it just doesn’t go with the vibe i’m going for in that room. i have decided to not make any permanent changes but to go with either the rug or ikea options. stay tuned.

the main reason is i’m going to modernize it up a little bit like industrial farmhouse style. starting with this couch whenever it arrives…it just doesn’t vibe with the slate the way i had intended for the room. i was hoping it would come earlier than july but fingers crossed it makes an earlier delivery.

so anyway i took everything down and off the walls. i got rid of a few pieces of furniture and painted the entire room to get it cleaned and touched up. i’m on a roll right now because shine is coming to wash all the windows and power wash the house clean. the pool is being filled and folks i think we are well on our way to summer!

my plan for “finishing” this room is to get another rug for the chair area and and move the mint chairs outside. i would eventually like to replace them with black or brass/gold but for the time being they work. (ps these minty ones were only $35 each from Target) i also need to find a bigger tv counsel piece because this potting table is a little bare. this is where joe and i like to watch tv in the summer mostly tigers games. mostly when they’re winning. which lately… let’s be honest we’re suffering at the moment.

so anyways we are chugging right  along on projects and pretty much at this point just waiting for products to arrive at the house!

thanks everyone for your advice and input on the floors! saved me from painting them.

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