simple fall apple centerpiece

remember those computer issues i was crying about yesterday? i think mr. i.t. man finally fixed them. i was out of memory on my computer (don’t ask me how, maybe it was the 7,000 pictures). but it is finally working. for the record i never said i was a tech guru. it is what it is. anyway… this past weekend i finally got an opportunity to do some de cluttering and decorating around the house. i went to a flea market sunday morning and picked up a few new littles to mix things up.

when i buy things now i try to visualize it being used in one or two different seasons. i finally caved and purchased a tiny tobacco basket. i usually get turned off by vintage not native to my area. (example: tobacco baskets we have no tobacco fields in michigan) but then i thought ok so i have a european olive basket … what is the difference. there really isn’t one. i didn’t want one of the huge ones because they take up a lot of wall space and honestly they just really are not my style. i loved the idea of using the smaller ones to get veggies from my garden and keep them out on the table in.

on my way home from the flea i stopped at a stand and picked up these little adorable white pumpkins. my original idea was to place them in a three tiered tray but it was too tall for the table. i whipped out the tobacco basket and they looked so cute in there with one of my favorite fall candles in the middle. the pumpkins didn’t take up enough space so i went to our neighbors orchard and bought a big bushel of apples. they are supposed to go into the apple butter i’m making this week (sometime) but in the meantime i thought they were adorable mixed in with the pumpkins. my pal liz gave me this inspiration when she used beautiful pears from her farm to create a centerpiece. 

it’s so simple and feels fall to me. i can’t wait to show you what i did in the dining room. coming soon!


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