simple fall centerpiece

i do not like halloween. never have, never will. i don’t decorate for halloween i don’t dress up anymore for halloween i just don’t like it. it’s not my holiday. (thanksgiving now THAT is my holiday). i love fall and i love fall decor i just don’t like halloween decor. i mean really? why on earth would you decorate with things that are supposed to be the likeness of dead people (ghosts, skeletons). Skeletons only make me feel fat. (i kid i kid) to each their own right? i think some people do halloween well, i’m just not one of them. i decided it was time to update the dining room a little bit for the fall season. i removed the wicker and summery flowers and gathered things i had in storage to build a new simple fall centerpiece.


i bought these antlers almost seven years ago from an antique store in grand rapids. they were pricy but there was just something about them. i loved that they were so old and white. i knew some day i would need them for something. much to joe’s dismay they sat in storage until like last weekend when i thought they would make an odd but interesting focal point to the table.  i love that most men associate the fall with hunting season (at least every man in my family does) so i thought this was kind of a fun theme to build upon. even though none of them can understand why i would BUY antlers. i told my dad it’s because i don’t have 30 years to wait around for the antlers they bring  home to look like this. 

i mentioned a few posts back that i had this thing with dried flowers now. i found this preserved bay leaf garland online and thought it was so beautiful and really made the green in the dining room pop. when you paint everything dark brown, gray and black you need little pops of color here and there.  it looked so pretty just kind draped over the white antlers. 

my only new purchase other than the pumpkins (which come on that doesn’t count) came from west elm. they had a few of these delicate pretty dishes out on the floor and i just bought one of each to mix and match into the table setting. i had these napkins from a while ago and thought they made a pretty back drop for the plates and silverware.  the black cat doesn’t count as halloween because i have black barn cats. just so you know. 

so that is it for now. i’m sure i’ll change it out again because decorating the table is one of my favorite things to do. it allows me to be creative without having to move around big pieces of furniture or paint walls. what about you? are you a halloween decor person or do you stick to more fall staples? 


  1. Yes, the aged, white antlers are to die for. I, too, pine for nice, white “racks.”

  2. Very pretty!!!

  3. Sue Piers says:

    wow my husband would love the antlers too! thanks for the idea! I agree I would skip Halloween decor over fall any day!

  4. I agree! Love thanksgiving. Hate Halloween. My daughter and family live in GR. Hope to visit your shop next time I’m up that way!

  5. Abby, Luv your style. Any ideas for me to look for a MOB dress for Mexico this January? So far I’ve tried the sweet amour dress from Sundance and the Cora dress from BHLDN. I learned about bedstu from your site so thought maybe you’d have a cool dress idea.

    • Congrats!!!!! My favorite places for Mother of The Bride dresses are JB and Me (Holland or Grand Rapids, Spring Sweet (Holland), AK RIKKS (Grand Rapids) and Nordstrom (online) Hope this helps!

  6. I love all of your jadeite pieces. And the antlers are dreamy and speak my language. Love your feed and just found your blog. I think we are kindred spirits.

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