Sorry, I am horrible

Sorry Friends, For I have been a neglectful blogger 🙁
However I post today because something has really made me think… The boutique that I absolutely love, adore, and have worked at for almost 4 years has decided to consolidate it’s two stores into one for economic purposes.
Thus being said, in trying times like these I realize the importance of Shopping Local and supporting your neighbors through these trying times.
Some local places I can think of right off the bat…
Downtown Holland
Jb and Me
The Peanut Store
Studio K
Home and Company
Alpen Rose
City Vu
The good Earth
Roxies Vintage

Downtown Grand Rapids
Shoed In
Hot Mama
Souls 4 you
Graydons Crossing

There are so many more but these are some of my favorite places to, Please let me know of any other of your local favorites. No matter if local is Alaska, California, New York, our West Michigan, Local is the way to go!

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