the rest of the house

we’ve been slowly chipping away at this house now for what will be three years this labor day weekend. sometimes i look back and the progress seems so slow but we made an intentional decision to not just “quick get the house done” and take our time, see how we utilize the rooms and work on them as we get inspired.

so far we have “completed” the cocktail lounge, front entryway, dining room and screen room. of course we are always adding things and changing it up a bit (like adding a couch here or there) but for the most part those rooms are done. we are still chipping away at the living room. it’s just not quite right to me yet. we have the two big comfy couches in there which we utilize a ton but the large green wall is so bare and we have the mantle as well above the fire place. i’m still continuing to search for inspiration on what to do with that big wall but i don’t want to just clutter it up yet. i am however thinking i might move my collection of collie paint by numbers to that wall. i love paint by numbers with plaid… and luckily that is the carpet i had installed throughout that room.

however my latest focus is the rest of the upstairs. we will probably do our bedroom last because it is a big commitment paint wise with the lofted ceiling so that will have to wait until i’m 100% sure what i want to do there. but the rest of the house which is pretty much the hallway from the master bedroom to the three small upstairs bedroom and bathroom is what still needs to be done and is pretty basic. one of those rooms is finished aka ottos nursery. one is currently being used as my office (painted white etc) but doesn’t really have a lot left to it.

so basically that leaves the upstairs bathroom (non master) and the smallest of the rooms which is currently housing all of my cookbooks. however i would love to turn that room into a “play room” because there is not a closet in that room and move my cookbooks into my “office”.

the hold up on the bathroom upstairs is the wallpaper. i love the way wallpaper looks… hate taking wallpaper down. i think i’m going to paint the bathroom though a nice rich color. i was kind of waiting until we knew what otto was going to be because it does have pink penny tile in it and i didn’t want to make it super girly in case the baby was a boy. which he  was. so i’m thinking like a deep dark navy or even a slate gray. something a little more neutral. i also want to rip out this vanity and install something a little more modern… anybody know someone i can hire to do that? lol.

if i get really lucky i would like re do this tub and shower area… but i don’t want to rip up the tile because i really like it.

these are some pretty loft projects so i might just be starting with picking out an upstairs hallway color and then ripping out the carpet (there is wood floor under the floral carpet..) this hallway and steps goes down into the dining room.

mind you, all this shall be done down the road when i get more of a ninja with ottos schedule and actually get some sleep. lol. what do you think? dark colors? light colors? what shades are you digging right now?


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