tv stand issues

i usually do not admit that i watch a lot of tv mostly because i have the most terrible of terrible taste in show. pair that with a fear of moving on to a new show and you have someone who’s DVR is filled with everybody loves raymond, south park and sex and the city. i will say though that i do watch a ridiculous amount of food network which is some of the only “new” shows i watch. see? told you so super lame. i guess you could say that i am a bit of a morning news junkie too. so maybe all is not lost.

when we moved into this house a few years ago (i can’t even believe that) we had to get a dish. yuck. i miss my att uverse but sadly it doesn’t reach out into the sticks. so i have a big ugly dish on the backside of my house. if we leave our christmas lights up all year then we can be super redneck. (why not we already have our wreaths still up). the other issue with the tv? it’s an old brick house. good luck getting a signal through all the brick. the only point in the house that would reach all the way into the living room and bedroom is in the middle of the kitchen. it’s not the worse because i do most of my tv binging while cooking dinner or baking if i’m alone.

here is the issue though.. where do we put all this junk?!!? it’s been sitting on the window ledge for two – three years now. we have to keep that big ugly dish thing there and the hopper so we get signal through the rest of the house.

i would love to be able to put up a cabinet or something in this corner to store it all in but we have a radiator there. and guess what? the radiator gives us heat in the winter so that isn’t going anywhere. i thought also about putting up some kind of shelf but then everything would still be visible and sticking out in the open. so after i’ve exhausted my brain i thought maybe i’d throw it out to all of you. who has a super clever storage solution for all of this tv garbage in my kitchen?



  1. Can you hang a cabinet? I’m imagining something with frosted glass so you can’t see in but might still be able to use the remote controls? Or, if you have shelves, you could use baskets or cute boxes to at least make the stuff a little cuter?

  2. My husband works for dish. Honestly, I’d give a call and have a techance come out and ask if there is any way they can move things around a bit. You might have to upgrade a hopper etc, but it might be worth it.

  3. Yup! Customize cabinet w doors & shelves. Some exposed if need be but part behind some type of doors. Your cords go in both directions & having lived in an old house I bet it’s b/c of lack of outlets. But I’ve seen some blog posts that were very creative in hiding them in channels that run along moldings & windows.
    Baby on the Way! They don’t stay small for long.

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