vintage gallery wall

gallery wall 2

this dining room has been pretty much the only room in the house i’ve been working on. maybe because it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite areas in the house? it’s dark, it’s cozy, it’s warm… i love it.

i have been hoarding several different kinds of vintage artwork for a while trying to figure out what would the best theme be in this room. i have the little 4h vignette on my large pink cabinet so i thought i would stick with the farm theme. i collected the fruit sign a few summers ago and obviously had to have it. it wasn’t that bad of a price because it didn’t have any graphics on it. although that would have been sweet… usually when signs have graphics or drawings on them it can double even triple the price.

gallery wall 4

it’s kind of hard to see with the glare from the windows but the two framed pictures are pictures of peoples farms. the oval one has a date of 1912 on the back. i’m not sure where the farms are located but i purchased them both at the allegan antique market for less than $30 each.

gallery wall 5

the larger deer mount was an estate sale find and the two small mounts were purchased at the grand rapids antique market a few weeks ago. i actually got into an argument with joe the dream killer about them because i said they were european deer. he said ummmm no that is a european deer that guy totally got you. which set off a 30 minute internet search to figure out what the name of these deer are and they are in fact roe deer found only in european regions. HA european deer sucker.

gallery wall 3

i am really loving the way this room is coming together. just a few more finishing touches and it will be good to go! what do you think of the gallery wall? have you every put one together? it took me about an hour to lay out and figure out the measurements but i love the way it turned out!

gallery wall 1

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