vintage inspired polka dot dress

i don’t know how many times i’ve told myself that i do not need another dress but i’ve told myself many times that i don’t need another dress. truth be told i don’t need much of anything since most things end up with poo poo, puke or dirt on them. but when i was browsing the sale rack at my local anthro and this gem was on there…. you know it had to be mine. the breanna polka dot wrap dress said to me…. my name is breanna but i could easily be “abby’s polka dot wrap dress”. low and behold an 8. she was mine. usually in the maeve by anthro brand i’m a solid ten but due to the dresses “wrap nature” i could fit into an 8 just fine. it made me feel like a hollywood movie star. naturally i made joy our shop manager meet me in our back parking lot for a quick photo shoot in 90 degree heat. you know because the ‘gram.

i don’t know if it’s sold out or not yet but you can try to find it here. 

if not here are some more fun options.
option 1 $45
option 2 $47
option 3 $56

ps my shoes are two years old by kate spade. they’re little race cars. totally practical. ok i say that but they’ve seriously been worn quite a bit in two years!

sunglasses ray ban wayfarer 

the only downside on this dress is that it wrinkles super easily. i steamed it before work in the morning and by the time i got to work the back was a wrinkled mess. maybe it’s because it was so hot out? a big pro though is that it is not see through like so many white dresses are. it was pretty and lightweight and you couldn’t see through to my granny panties. always a bonus right?

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