weekend recap

better late than never right?

sorry this monday was wooosh! jump right into things. my sincerest apologies for not getting this out sooner.

so weekend. lets talk because i really really miss it about now. i’m on a 24 hour juice cleanse for liver and kidneys and i’m about to punch someone and run to mcdonalds. we’ll talk more about this nonsense on wednesday.

ok back to weekend. this weekend was fun 90% of the time.

friday night joe and i took care of some stuff around the house and made a delicious dish with fish from the fish lads (didn’t mean to rhyme) we made a sri lankan monk fish which was monkfish, brown rice and a red coconut curry with veggies.

after dinner my friend aja came over and we hung out caught up and she stayed over so we could leave for chicago earlier saturday morning.

saturday we left my house around…. 8:30? and headed straight for the little goat diner. you know that i can’t resist that place. i had the biscuits and gravy, 2 cheddar sausage links and a mimosa (1).

little goat diner 1

little goat diner 2

little goat diner 3

after nice big breakfast we jetted across the street to the soho house of chicago. it is such a lovely inviting space that we just got some hot tea and walked around taking picture. i’m going to do a separate posts on some of their design because it was absolutely beautiful and one of the most inspiring spaces we visited that day.

soho house chicago 1

soho house chicago


this makes me sooooo want to make my own preserved lemons!

after the soho house we caught my very very first uber car experience. honestly..if i’m in a big city i will never take a cab again. it was so much more reliable of a service, quick, safe, cleaner and less expensive.

we took a cab over to a store i’ve been wanting to visit for a few months now called humboldt house. it was like a sister to grand rapids’ hunt and gather. very mid century eclectic but with a modern flair. i bought some lovely facial toner as i could not fit a sofa into an uber prius.

humboldt house 1

humboldt house 2

humboldt house 3


after our visit to humboldt house we caught another uber to milwaukee ave and walked up and down the streets checking out little shops and bookstore, record stores etc. we hit up antique taco for lunch and split a pint and a quart of delicious rosemary margaritas and then some lamb nachos. no no they didn’t serve old food. it was this adorable little place with antique/farmhouse furnishings and everything was served on vintage plates. the cutest part was tortilla chips were all served in little berry picking baskets. if you are around that area shopping (which there is a lot of it) it’s def a wonderful place to stop for lunch.

antique taco

antique taco 1

antique taco 2


please note: this photo was taken after one too many margaritas yea. we stayed at antique taco much longer than anticipated so we decided to skip the rest of our plans with the exception of our dinner reservation and wander about town.

we stopped at some fun shops and wandered around. hopped on a train going the wrong direction of where we wanted to go so we rode the train back. i bought a donut that had a cookie inside of it. and then we caught our third uber to dinner at bar pastoral. a cheese and wine restaurant. yes please. our friend brooks is the chef there and we finally got an opportunity to see him in his new place! dinner was fantastic. we had cheese courses, wine and a lovely skirt steak with a cheese dessert. we met up with some friends of aja’s from high school and had a great time getting to know each other.

stans donuts

bar pastoral


we made our way home around 2 am. yea why? because this genius here mixed the exit off 94 to 131 and drove 30 miles in the wrong direction. i believe we were on our way to detroit. woops.

well about 3am i was still up and started not feeling well . enter food illness type sickness. i know it wasn’t food poisoning because my friend aja didn’t get it. i think it was a combination of me not drinking for a solid week and having one with breakfast lunch and dinner. oh and i ate clean alllll week. clearly did not on saturday and i think my body was going to make me suffer for it.

i stayed up pretty much all night finally falling asleep around 6am and then heading off to church in hudsonville with my family around 9:30. i was a champ though. i was not going to miss the celebration of my parents 30th anniversary. we went to church as  family and then us kids took my parents out to brunch at 616 in grand rapids.

i went home after that and slept until 6pm. since i was a big girl and kept my food down joe the dream killer brought me pizza. and then i went on an official juice cleanse.

happy monday folks.



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