weekend recap

flea market 11

it’s monday. it’s raining. i’m ok it with it. maybe just not the monday part?

i’m ok with a little rain on a monday. i concentrate better during crappy weather. does anybody else? maybe it’s the calming effect of the rain? or the fact that it’s not nice enough to be outside?

anyways weekend recap here we go.

friday night i met up with joe’s mom and we did a little house shopping. aka me trying to find the cheapest price for a quality jute rug. i feel world market and at home might be at a tie? i have yet to pull the trigger. after a little light home shopping we met up with joe and my father in law for dinner at the speak ez in downtown grand rapids. if you haven’t been there give it a try. they have a nice diverse menu of vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, and regular food. i love their hot brussel sprout and bacon salad. it’s so yummy. we hung out there for a while and just headed home after dinner.

flea market 2

saturday morning i woke up bright and early and my friend shawn (and the lovely designer of this website)  went on a little road trip to some flea markets in chicago. we went to grayslake which was decent. i’m sure it will be a lot bigger in the summer. i got a fantastic education about vintage rugs from my new friend benny. he taught me how to tell how old they are, what they are made with (goat hair, horse hair etc) and how the dies are made. i bought two pillows from that were made from rug scraps that he couldn’t repair. at grayslake i also bought a delphite nesting bowl to a set i started collecting. after we grabbed a hot dog and a bag of chips we headed to kane about an hour and twenty minutes from grayslake (stopping at an antique store along the way). kane was a ton of fun.

flea market 6

flea market 1

flea market 3

i was on a table mission if you can remember. i needed a table for the kitchen dining area, coffee table(s) and a small bistro size table for the screen room. i found both a small little bistro table a primitive style one that is chippy green paint and chippy white legs for the screen room that is going to need just a light coat of poly and some chairs. i was getting a little discouraged because what i was really really looking for was a coffee table for the screen room. and i was getting sad because we were nearing the end of the market. then… there it was. sitting alone in the middle of someones booth. i had to have it. it was a repurposed wash tub base (you know my obsession with wash tubs) that was covered with a few planks of reclaimed wood. and it was $258. now ok. i normally don’t splurge on items at flea markets. but looking at other coffee table options they were well in to the realm of $300 – $600 depending on where you were shopping. i asked the girl what her best price was.

NOTE: i feel it’s ALWAYS best to let the dealer tell you their best price. never offer half. never insult them or they will just ignore you. trust me. i’ve been a dealer many times. they put a lot of work into these pieces and it’s insulting to low ball.

however… $258 was out of my price range because i brought limited cash with me. i have to or i would spend every dime. the girl said she could go $200 and i thought that is a more than fair price for a custom piece of furniture. i have to say it’s absolutely perfect for that room because it’s sandwiched between two metal gliders.

flea market 8
new table!

flea market 9new coffee table!

we were getting ready to go loading everything up in the truck when…. a cupboard i had bought caught the wind and smashed into the corner of the tailgate shattering the glass. as soon as the glass shattering pierced the air you could here the crowd of people go “ahhhhhhhh……” yea and i said. well….shit. at least it was just a panel of glass that shouldn’t be too hard to replace. but then a pack of boys offered to help us finish loading. i figured why not. they loaded all my tables and larger furniture finds into the truck and even strapped it in. sometimes it’s nice to know that parents are teaching their sons to be little gentleman and i wouldn’t want to rob them of that lesson right?

flea market 7

we headed home after that getting stuck in some minor traffic before reaching home at around 9pm. barely light enough for emptying the truck but we did.

shout out to shawn again for taking these great pics!

(you can view more on her instagram)

sunday morning we decided to take it easy. drank some coffee watched barefoot contessa, made my meal plan and grocery list for the week. made joe waffles. (i’ve been making almond milk waffles lately…yum) i even made enough to freeze so he can have them throughout the week and i don’t have to use the waffle maker every time.

after breakfast we cleaned up the house a bit and headed to pentwater where we spent the rest of the day at the antler and then on a friends porch. we were there sitting and laughing and catching up from the winter for almost 7 hours but it felt so good to be in the company of good people and sunshine.

i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! what did you do?

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