weekend recap

woah. all i can say is WOAH. we had an insanely amazing turnout for my friend jess’s barn sale. INSANE! look at all y’all parked in fields. WHAT A FUN DAY!!!!

jess barn sale 1

my friend jess and her family have worked SO hard getting her barn together ready for this sale. It has been a dream of hers for a very very long time. nobody is more deserving of a great turn out than this girl, i tell ya.  i got there bright and early friday morning to help with checkout for a few hours until the rush died down and i headed back to work.
i finished some stuff up at the office, stocked my booth space at painted farmgirl and then headed home to pick up joey. we went out to dinner with some friends out in hastings. it was a late night. lol to keep this girl out past 10pm….. whew. but midnight. woah. that is intense and rare. but after a few weeks of just solid blocked out stress it felt good to laugh.

jess barn sale 2 Jess Barnsale 3

saturday morning it was back to the barn sale. we honestly didn’t have that much left (compared to the previous day) but there was still some really really awesome finds left around the barn. I think at sales like this you shop in layers. once the first layer of stuff is gone a whole new layer of treasure is exposed. so in my opinion, it’s always good to shop twice!

we ended up packing up an hour early because we had like 10 things left by the end of the day and a big time rain storm coming. and NOBODY wanted to pack up in the rain. so we were done and ready to go by 3pm saturday. it was such a fun day hanging out with jess and fam and getting to meet so many people from the community! it was just…. a really good time!

after the sale was over i needed a coffee and to spend some coupons. i headed to west elm and picked out a little treasure for myself (pink and gold fishes eddy plates) needed them. then i went to anthropologie and bought a new poncho (because) and plates with sheep on them. i have a thing for plates and i have sheep. sooooo made sense. right?

i headed home after that and went straight for my pajamas. we made totchos (tater tot nachos) seriously awesome. ok they are tater tots – queso, sour cream, bacon, salsa, cheese, green onion and jalapeños . yep. delicious. we watched a movie and fell asleep by 9pm haha.

jess barnsale 4
jess barnsale 5
jess barnsale 6

sunday morning we made a quiche using 6 of our chickens eggs. that was such a fun experience! knowing that i raised these chicks from like day 2 and now they are providing fresh food for my family. it’s super cool and i can see why chickens are a gateway animal. because now i want more. maybe next spring. or next week. after we ate breakfast we headed to church and then home to make lunch. we made butternut squash bisque from squash in our garden. the rest of the afternoon we spent working on projects around the house but the fun ones that we have been wanting to do (organize the coffee cart, put away my cook books etc).

we made dinner together and watched another movie and of couse fell asleep early.

a super super good weekend! and again, THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Jess’s barn sale. We had so much fun!

Thanks to Shawn at Bello Via  for these awesome pics of the barnsale! 


  1. Ashley Folkema says:

    Totally random question – the white cabinet in the last picture, is this still available or for sale?

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