weekend recap

it was a good weekend friends. busy as all get out but good.

friday night i got a pedicure with my sister and sister in law before heading over to my parents house for pizza. my mom and sisters were leaving for mexico on sunday for spring break so we all got together one more time. joe and i headed home and had a glass of wine before passing out on the couch. (hey it was a long week!)

saturday morning we woke up relatively early (the daylight savings time is still getting to me!) we headed to ace hardware to pick up some supplies to fix and repair a few things around the house. we had the winter split a wood door to the garage open, needed a sprayer/mister for my seed trays etc. we ate a lunch of whatever was in the fridge kind of taco salad and then got ready for the J & H (big girl job) awards banquet. i received my 5 year award last night which also celebrates the longest i have ever stayed in one company/job. must be a family thing. haha.

sunday we did have a list of things to get done but that flew out the window when we didn’t get home until midnight the previous evening and headed to bubbles and bites at everyday people cafe in saugatuck. yea for like $5-$8 more you can add bottomless bubbles to your brunch. yea that wasn’t a typo. bottomless. i got the lobster roll and joe got the fried chicken special. it was delicious. we headed home because my little nieces were on their way to see all of the baby animals on the farm.


it was fricken adorable to watch them play with the sheep and the baby chicks. the youngest charlotte had no fear when it came to holding the chicks. here sister eliza was slightly more skeptical. they hung out for a while and played before heading out for a late lunch. joe and i decided to head into “town” and get groceries for the week.
weekend3we somehow ended up at starbucks and william sonoma and somehow walked out with a yogurt maker. i’ve been reading alot about the benefits of homemade yogurt and really wanted to try it! we stopped at fresh thyme market to get food for the week and then headed home. to make daiquiris, pizza and yogurt. we made this pizza recipe from one of my favorite foodie bloggers (it’s seriously amazing) . brown sugar brussel sprouts? a revolution. oh and we infused some mint into the simple syrup for the drinks. delicious.

we had pizza and daiquiris (joe wanted to learn how to use the vitamix) and called it a night. because we’re old.

happy monday friends!

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