weekend recap

i did a lot this weekend friends! well… kind of.

friday night we went out to dinner with the found cottage founders to fire rock grill in byron center. I think that place might be the only thing i miss about living around that area. and the convenient short drive to work and target but meh it’s worth the drive.

avocado toast and champagne brixton chicagoavacado toast from the brixon, chicago

we drove home in a freak snow storm WHAT WAS THAT. on our way home a car spun out and hit both guard rails, dodged us and a semi, 360’d in the highway ended the crash by facing the correct way and he just kept on driving. no worries citizen cop abby called the non emergency to report the accident. it was nuts. regardless, we made it home in one piece and called it an early night.

saturday morning i woke up super early and headed into the store to price and re arrange my jewelry table before the store opened. i stayed and chatted with the girls before heading out (because i was wearing sweats and no make up). i went to pick up a few groceries for the night (downtown market cheese) and i stopped at that schulers places on 44th street near the mall for the first time and it was quite impressive! the staff working really knew what they were talking about and could offer great recommendations. after that i headed home, caught the middle of the tigers game, showered and got ready for joe’s family to come over.

mexican creamed corn from antique taco chicagocreamed corn from antique taco chicago

we hung out for a little bit at our house and then went to salt of the earth for dinner. as always the food was amazing and the service was outstanding. i was nervous that we over hyped it to the rest of the family because we love it so much but they did not disappoint. i got the pressed chicken again and joe got the hanger steak. both were incredible. after dinner we all headed home and we were crashed by 9pm.
asrai garden chicagoasrai garden chicago

sunday i couldn’t take the rainy dreary weather anymore so i picked up my friends from rebel reclaimed and we went somewhere else dreary and rainy but with other pretty things to look at. we headed to chicago for the day to get some inspiration for our own shops. let me be clear. by inspiration i mean go and shop and mingle with other amazing boutique owners and see their displays and figure out how to translate the feelings into our own shop. NOT go to take pictures and paint my store black with amazing moss and purple flowers and taxidermy. catch my drift? it’s interpretive.  we went to some amazing places asrai garden, brimfield chicago, foursided gallery, brixton (brunch), antique taco (tacos), roost and more. i bought a bunch of fun little trinkets for the house as well as some fun cards to have in my ammo for when i need the perfect pick me up.

weekend1brimfield chicago 

we made it home around 9pm and i fell asleep watching “forgetting sarah marshall”

it was a good weekend 🙂






  1. Kim Bessey says:

    Aren’t those shops in Andersonville great?! My daughter lives and works in Andersonville so I get to shop there every time I visit her:)

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