weekend recap

a day late and a dollar short but technically it’s still the weekend for me? i took today off from work so we were able to spend monday night up in pentwater which is where we have been since the clock hit 5pm friday.

friday night we booked it out of work and headed straight up to pentwater. we met up with our pals and hung out on the porch catching up on the past few weeks.
weekend 1saturday morning we woke up early and headed to ludington to get supplies for working on the house. supplies = more gallons of paint. we went to the bike shop to get joe a bike rack for the back of his bike.

we headed back to the house and got back to work painting the penthouse. we got the entire first coat done on the first floor of the house. (kitchen area, living room, bedroom and bathroom) in addition to this we completed the ceiling! let me tell you something slatted ceiling is a pain in the a$$ to paint. we are definitely painting the wood before we hang it on the ceiling for the bedroom and the loft (which are the last two ceilings left to hang). progress is being made! after a long day of painting we went back to ludington for dinner and indulged in some lobster nachos.  which is sadly is the first plate of the entire summer. over the moon in ludginton has really good appetizers and the lobster nachos are the best ever. we called it an early night because we were exhausted from working.

weekend 2

sunday morning we woke up and headed to my parents cottage for the day and hung out with the family. we had brunch before church then my sister and i went paddle boarding. all was well until i took a dive into lake michigan and it was insanely freezing but fun. after that we went back to the cottage and picked up my nephew lando and took him to the pool…which he did not like. so we took him to the playground instead. we all met up back together and grilled out burgers and had dinner together before joe and i headed back to pentwater. we sat on our friends deck and watched the fireworks over lake michigan.

monday i woke up before the sun to make it to a flea market on time. i found a few things but nothing really that exciting to get up before 5am for haha. i made the drive back to pentwater stopping at farmers markets on my way back. i believe i might have found the last of michigan strawberries which i hope to can tonight at home. i never got around to making the lavender strawberry jam so that is on my list tonight.

weekend 3

joe and i painted the rest of the day completely finishing the first floor with paint. we still have to add a ceiling to the bedroom and paint that but it’s pretty much done!
weekend 4

we headed to the beach around 2pm to read and take a nap. the water and temperature was perfect. we parked ourselves near the dune and our feet in the water and read for a few hours. it felt so good to be relaxing in one of the most beautiful places in michigan and just maybe the entire united states.

after the beach time we headed to gulls landing for dinner and then a walk down the pier with an ice cream cone. we ended the night sitting on the dock with friends ending a perfect pentwater weekend.

we are heading back home this morning to work around the garden, pull some weeds, can some jam and swim in the pool. hope everyone had an awesome weekend!
weekend 5


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