weekend recap

what a way to start off a monday. i was downloading photos from the weekend and POOF they are gone. like can’t find them anywhere. all of our photos from the zoo and la jolla…gooooone. i’m not even sure what happened but i downloaded from my camera card like i normally do and for some reason this time just gone. sooooo you’re just going to have to settle for iphone photos from the weekend. however everything i took from the farmers market… gone. ok. moving on.

so we arrived in to san diego later in the afternoon friday. i wanted to stay awake and adjust to the time change so we went and walked the san diego zoo. usually we don’t do super touristy things but come on it’s the san diego zoo! we saw the elephants getting a pedicure and the flamingos.. it was a huge zoo and took us a few hours to walk around most definitely worth it.


after we left we went and checked into our hotel and headed out for dinner. we went to this amazing little place called ironside in little italy. i was obsessed with the decor like overly obsessed. it’s embarrassing how many pics i took from around the place. leather chairs, penny tile floors, piles of vintage suitcases, marquee lights and more. and the food….was fantastic. i love that all the restaurants were open air and you can feel the sea breeze. i had a lobster roll on the most amazing brioche buttery bun. you had to lick the butter off your lips after each bite which is perfection. after dinner we were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.


sunday morning we woke up early (thanks time change) and got some coffee and caught up on emails. there was a farmers market going on by our hotel in one of the little neighborhoods so we walked it and got coffee (and all the amazing pictures of figs, breads, peanuts and almonds gone). i love checking out farmers markets in other states because they are able to grow such different stuff from home. piles and piles of figs, olives, almonds and more. we got little snacks as we walked and just enjoyed the morning. after that we headed to la jolla to check out the sea lions and grabbed some grub stopping at the little beaches along the way. we stopped at hodads at ocean beach to check out the hype. it was pretty good and it was the first time i had a milkshake in like 5 years haha. we just enjoyed the day before heading back to the hotel for work. we went out to dinner at this good little italian restaurant back in little italy called barbusa. it was good but i definitely loved ironside the best. we grabbed one more drink before heading back to our hotel for the night.


yesterday we went out to brunch before the meetings at this amazing place called herringbone in la jolla. it was the most beautiful restaurant i’ve ever been to. it is inside a 1950’s oldsmobile dealership and had incredible wood vaulted ceilings and natural lighting in the sky lights. they had 100 year old olive trees from napa valley planted inside the restaurant. it was just incredible. oh and the soft shell crab eggs benedict was phenomenal. we stayed there a good chunk of the morning before heading back to the hotel for afternoon meetings.

today is our last day here before we have meetings tomorrow morning and jet home! we’ve eaten good, learned a lot and are even more in love with CA than we were before.


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