weekend recap demo edition

is it really monday already? i think that everyone should have the day off for presidents day. but nope here i am. (not that i can complain). the sun is out and i’m not wearing tights or leggings in february because it’s going to be 60 degrees here in michigan today. can you believe that?! usually we are still buried under snow and ice. i’ll take it! especially when it comes with sunshine. we worked really hard with the last bit of demo work at the cottage but of course managed to sneak in some fun.

friday night we headed straight from work up north. we stopped and had dinner with my and joe’s parents at this awesome little restaurant in muskegon that i always forget about. the lake house grille? it was delicious! i still have a bit of aversion to meat so i greatly enjoyed the veggie sandwich which was artichokes, red peppers and this feta spread. with full bellies and a little bit of sleepy eyes we left the restaurant and made it to pentwater around 10pm. is it sad that we are still surprised when we get there and nothing is wrong? for so many years it was the lights didn’t work, the pipe burst, the heat won’t turn on. it’s a beautiful thing when you get to the point in your renovation where everything works.

saturday morning we woke up bright and early and watched a bit of tv before going to get some breakfast (we were out of coffee) and a few supplies at home depot and lowes. (luckily they are right next door to each other). we got back to the cottage around 10am and in about an hour the stairs to the loft were completely gone, cleaned and demolished. we then figured we might as well insulate and repair the wall the steps were on before they get put back together. my family took a ride up and while the men figured that out my mom and i took my nephew to the beach playground. we got back around 3pm and the stairs were completely ready to be put back in. we are having a builder friend come finish that part. i didn’t pay enough attention in math class to figure out the rise and run of installing steps. we actually thought about just putting in a loft ladder of sorts but then there would be no privacy between the people upstairs and the bedroom downstairs. the steps are going to have to be a little high but it’s a cottage right? at least they will have the width of actual steps. these last ones only had about a 4 inch lip to step on.

after we cleaned up our work mess we showered, watched the sunset at the beach and then headed to hart pizza for dinner. all the years we’ve been in pentwater and we’ve never tried it. it was pretty tasty. we were so exhausted after dinner that we grabbed ice cream to go from the gas station and went back to the cottage and watched a movie.

sunday morning we slept in until about 7am (that is late for us!)  and had some granola bars i brought up from marie catribs. we went for a nice bike ride around town and to the beach and then went back to the cottage and packed up for home. i swung by the shop before completely heading home to steam and get product ready for the week since i’m gone tuesday – friday for a work trip. there is always that scramble. i got home at around 6 and we made a dinner of snack food and watched a movie before falling asleep.

it was a busy fun productive weekend! (oh and did i mention GORGEOUS weather!)

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