weekend recap farmgirl edition

sorry about missing my post friday. we had some pressing farmgirl issues on the farm. my plan was to get ready, chores and head to a coffee shop before work. i was all set to leave the house by 6am when i went to do chores quick and noticed two tiny black fur balls in the barn running around. they looked good but very very new so i left them alone and finished my other chores. by the time i came back though they were very lethargic and not looking good.

i was home alone because joe was at a bachelor party in nashville so i started contacting my sheep owner friend johanna about what i could possibly do. i posted to my icelandic sheep facebook page for help and started combing my manual for what i could possibly do to fix the situation. i ran to tractor supply to get some booster juice and milk supplement for the guys and met my friend back on my farm. i penned mom and lambs together so they could be left alone and gave the mom fresh hay and water.

that’s when i saw it. the biggest nipple i’ve ever seen on a ship. and believe it or not i’ve seen quite a few. i knew something wasn’t right there. luckily after the booster both the lambs were taking turns from one side which isn’t the best option but at least they were not going to starve. i moved the heat lamp closer down so they could stay warm and slowly they began to regain their strength. johanna and i started milking the mama ewe to make sure she was indeed producing milk and tried to alleviate the other side. milk did not seem to want to come out but it also didn’t seem to be plugged. she seemed good and it wasn’t bothering her so i kept an eye on her throughout the day. the rest of the weekend went pretty good! everyone is still standing upright and those two little lambs are just the most adorable things ever. they love to get a fresh block of bedding straw and tear it apart themselves. they even sleep all bunched up together like they are still in the womb. its adorable. i named them stan (after his dad) and stewart. i’m sure liz will want to rename them but she promised to keep the middle name stan as a legacy you know haha.

my friday night i basically was on lamb watch and then i decided to paint my kitchen dinette area. why not. i was sick of looking at the yellow and couldn’t sleep and wanted to keep checking on the lambs so i just painted until about midnight.

saturday morning i went out and did the chores (all was good) then i met liz and lisa at a crappy antique show (but at least found a jadeite butter dish) and then headed into the store for a busy saturday. i worked all day with the gals and had a blast. the sun was out, the music was bumping… we had a good time.

saturday night i headed home again and finished up the dinette, made a quiche and had my mom, dad and nephew over to check out the new lamb. called it an early night because my friend brooke and i had a big day of shopping ahead of us.

sunday morning we met up and headed to the pottery barn outlet. i found some great stuff that i had pinned for my nursery on clearance there! i was pretty psyched. we then headed to somerset and got some brunch and did a little clothing shopping. didn’t find much but it was a beautiful day to be out and about.

joe got home sunday night and we had pizza and watched the CMA’s before crashing.

it was a good long, semi stressful but amazing weekend.

happy monday friends !



  1. Beth Bricker says:

    You must have gone to the same crappy antique show as I did! I came home went to Garden House and found tons there.

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