weekend recap gloomy weekend

this weekend was so gloomy here in michigan and it had a serious impact on both my mood and productivity. friday….was absolutely gorgeous?!? i mean 75 and sunny in march?! i’ll take it (as long as it doesn’t ruin the fruit crop again and i have to pay $7 for one pint of cherries at the market). anybody remember that year here? i think it was back in like 2012… anyways. friday night joe and i made dinner at home and ate out in the screen room with the windows open. it was absolutely beautiful. we hung out outside and it just felt good to have warm fresh air hit your face.

saturday we woke up to the pat pat pat of rain on the window. it was nearly impossible to get out of bed but i wanted to take some furniture to the shop and have it set up by the time we open. so off we went to the shop loading a glider in the rain. luckily it’s metal and i had the cushions recovered in a vintage oilcloth so the rain flings right off of it. i hung out at the store for a few hours and then finally went to visit a friends store out in holland, the lakeshore marketplace (located next to salt and pepper) and then dropped off my seeds at a friend from my old churches green house (they are a life saver) and then went home to do some spring cleaning.

here is the thing with old farmhouses. you love them so much and appreciate them and you’ll never want to live anywhere else and then in the next second you’ll want to burn them to the ground. i was cleaning and gutting the spring room to give it a fresh coat of paint and that is when i noticed water in the room. like not a lot but enough to puddle and realized it was  coming from the seam where the screen room meats the house. so that was fun. no painting until we get that fixed. luckily it seems we caught it early and it shouldn’t be that big of a deal but it was like REALLY?!?

joe came home in the afternoon and we went to the cottage and lakefront living show at the devos place and got some great ideas and contacts for both our home and for the cottage. luckily there was like a gagillion roof specialist there haha. we hung out and dreamt about which boat we wanted to buy pending lottery win. we then met some friends for dinner at the black heron. we tried to get to butchers union but by the time we got there at 6pm it was a 2 hour wait! crazyness. i’ve heard conflicting opinions that they take reservations so we will try again. the food at black heron was good but the restaurant was SO LOUD that you couldn’t even hear yourself think. the server couldn’t even hear our order. i sound like an old lady but probably won’t head back there anytime soon during a dinner rush.

we went to loves ice cream afterward for a little scoop of ice cream and then called it a night.

sunday morning we woke up to more rain and headed to the early service at church. after that we went to brunch in kalamazoo at food dance because we had a bee class at noon in galesburg. we had some pancakes and then headed to class and learned a lot about bees. it’s absolutely fascinating. after class we went home and assembled our first piece of baby equipment.. (check my instagram stories) and then i baked cupcakes and we lounged the rest of the day.

hope everyone had a good weekend!

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