weekend recap the great outdoors

i spent this entire weekend outdoors i think. this is the weekend we’ve been WAITING FOR michigan! i couldn’t believe we were 65/70 all weekend with SUN. it was just what my soul needed. i headed into work this morning feeling so accomplished and on top of things i’m so ready to keep going forward this week.

friday night joe and i met at home while the sun was still out and went to salt of the earth for dinner to kick off the weekend. we had our farmers green salad with chèvre (i could just eat like 5 of those) and split the smokey pizza followed by the s’more. (hey hey! we split it). after that we went for a drive around town looking at old farmhouses. i think i get that from my parents. when we were kids we used to drive around on sunday afternoons just looking at houses all the time.

saturday morning we woke up and had some coffee, went to starbucks for more coffee and breakfast then headed to brinks in byron center to load up on our first batch of mulch. we were back to the house by 10am weeding the entire front of the house, picking up all the garbage and sticks and winter debris and then mulching the entire front landscaping. it was a long days work but it was sunny, 65 and we felt so accomplished after having it done. we got cleaned up and headed back towards fennville to bring our friend who also has icelandic sheep some hay. we grabbed a drink of cider/apple juice at virtue next door before heading to the southerner for dinner. i have been having really bad heart burn lately with just the slightest thing so instead of the nashville hot chicken that i love i went normal fried chicken salad. they have a watercress dressing there that is to die for. after that we headed home, did chores and fell right asleep.

sunday we went to the early service and got groceries afterwards. we made a lunch of burgers and sweet corn, baked some bread and a banana pudding pie. (which tasted good but wasn’t pretty once you cut into it). while joe worked on mowing the lawn i went through my garden and picked up all of last years tomato cages, support fencing and trellis pieces to get it ready to rake and mow and till. i’m trying to take as many precautionary steps to keep it weeded early on because with baby coming i don’t want to get too far behind on it. sadly, i think my garden might be a little on the small side but i have to have something because it’s honestly what just feeds my soul (and stomach) all summer long. we had a few friends come visit the farm yesterday to play with the new lambs and catch up for a bit. around 6 we showered and made dinner of flank steak with a chipolte marinade and a smokey garlic cilantro cream sauce and twice baked potatoes. we read a bit while watching tv and had a piece of pie before both falling asleep on the couch.

it felt so good to use these first few warm sunny days to get caught up at home. our goal is to get as much done as possible to enjoy the rest of the summer. happy monday!

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