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this weekend was again absolutely beautiful. i can’t believe we have been so fortunate to have so many glorious weekends in april. i’ve lived in michigan my entire life and i’ve never remembered the spring being this warm and sunny. it can stay like this forever. this weekend we (again) worked our tails off doing home improvements to the house. i was driving into work this morning and my back, arm, shoulders and legs, pretty much my entire body is aching from everything we hustled to get accomplished.


friday night i went and closed up the shop and got things ready for the weekend before heading out to fire rock grille to meet up with joe and his parents for dinner. it wasn’t quite warm enough to eat outside yet but the large windows in there kept the room nice and sunny. it made me ready to go out there and play golf! i wonder how being pregnant will affect my swing haha. maybe it will balance me more. or just get in the way. after dinner we called it a night and headed home to do chores and just hang out.


saturday morning i woke up bright and early to head to galesburg to pick up my bees from great lakes bee supply. it was absolutely crazy! literally picked up my NUC (a colony of bees that are on five frames of comb) that was in a white box with tiny holes taped shut. i put it in the back of my truck and drove home. it was so intense! i could hear the buzzing from the back seat and the entire box was vibrating. i got home, suited up and transferred them to my hive box. i don’t do a lot of things that give me the “danger” kind of adrenaline rush (i’m more of a flea market adrenaline junkie) but it was so fricken cool. i’ll do a separate post on getting started with bee keeping because it was super awesome. after i got the bees settled i went in to the store to see how things were going and to help out a bit. it was so beautiful and sunny i drove the entire way with the windows down. i hung out at the store for a few hours before getting a few groceries and heading home. joe and i worked around the yard the rest of the day. picking up garbage from the back, weeding the back flower beds and just getting some things in the barn straightened out. we called it quitting time around 5:30 and packed some snacks up and headed to virtue cider to hang out and have a mini appetizer picnic. after joe finished his cider (and i finished my apple juice) we headed to salt of the earth. we each just had a drink and a small salad.


look, if you are not drinking alcohol at the moment or ever you HAVE to go to salt of the earth. the bartender matt made me the best mocktail. FINALLY something to drink besides water or seltzer at the bar. it was a wonderful mix of fruit juices, citrus, grenadine, sage and seltzer. it was so refreshing and fun to finally have something to drink. don’t get me wrong though come august 3… sage rub martini i’m coming for you.

after dinner we were quite full so we headed home and watched the sunset and then a movie. reclining from the hard work of the day.


sunday morning we woke up and read for a little bit before making a small breakfast of homemade toast and jam (couldn’t help myself made more bread saturday) and some fruit and yogurt. we headed downtown to watch my sister run the gazelle girl half marathon. give the girl some credit i don’t think i have that in me. i can see why people get really hooked on races though it was such a fun time and everyone was in a great mood. plus the weather was absolutely gorgeous. after the race we all went out for brunch at the old goat and caught up on things. after brunch joe and i went couch shopping (screen room) and then to sur la table where i got my brevielle smart oven air. (seriously it’s the most amazing thing) and then some groceries before heading home. as much as we both wanted to do nothing we couldn’t help it it was so beautiful outside. i got to work clearing out some garden beds and joe went for a bike ride. we met back up around 6 and made dinner together of some kind of meat pie (lol it was really good!) and then used the new smart oven to air fry some veggies. by the time we were done with dinner and cleaning up it was 930pm and we could barely keep our eyes open.

it was another great weekend for the books.


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