weekend recap home sweet home

it felt so good to be home this weekend friends. i was at a conference in austin, texas since wednesday and it was a pretty intense schedule. with the exception of my quick trip to magnolia it was pretty much the view from inside the hotel. at least it was sunny and warm! it was about 90 degrees during the day but never felt that unbearable. regardless i was happy to be home.

we took the earliest flight out saturday morning and were home by 11:30. we stopped at panera on our way home and then swung into the flea market set up to scope it out. there was not a lot of people set up so we didn’t stay long but still managed to find some treasures. the rest of the day we just kind of settled in to being home, unpacked, took care of some chores and relaxed a bit. we had no food in the house so we went out for dinner to salt of the earth (duh) we got the farmers green salad with chèvre (duh) but ventured out with a different pizza. we got the “pie called macaroni” it was delicious. caramelized onions, noodles and a white béchamel sauce. it was delightful. we decided to take the “scenic” way back and on our way a doe a deer, a female deer face planted into the side of my truck. joe was driving and the deer and us just kept going. didn’t appear to be any damage to either party. we might have gave the deer a bit of a concussion but hey SHE ran into us. not my problem. we got home and were both passed out on the couch no later than 8pm. it was a long day!

sunday morning i woke up early and went back to the flea market. i was only there for about 45 minutes because it was cold and pouring rain and all i could think about was coffee. i did however manage to find a little minty toy bronco/jeep looking thing. it was too cute to pass up. i got home and joe and i made breakfast and took a morning nap. he then went out to clean the barn and i went to clean up “furniture purgatory room” which is basically a spare bedroom we’ve been dumping all the stuff we either don’t know what to do with or is going to pentwater. originally it was going to be a playroom/library. i went through my piles and piles of magazines and only kept my favorite subscriptions and favorite issues (still about 2 shelves worth) and threw away the rest. it was so hard! hoarder problems. after that we went in to grand rapids to get groceries for the week and some lunch. came home and prepped dinner, i made a pie… we read and watched tv the rest of the night. pretty uneventful but much needed rest.

happy to be home!



  1. Kim @Irishman Acres says:

    The uneventful weekends are my favorite!

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