weekend recap indian summer

what is going on with the weather this fall?! i’m not complaining but it’s 85 in the mid/late september. it’s funny how the air can be so hot but so crisp at the same time. the brink of fall is about to break and i am ready. i’m ready for the scents of fall, the leaves to change and a reason to have my landscaping not be alive haha.

friday afternoon i went to ecobuns in holland to learn how to wear my baby wrap and learned… it’s not the right wrap for the size of otto so i bought a different one called the happy baby wrap just in time for the weekend. they were so helpful and helped me figure it out all. we had beach walks in our future and we needed to figure this out. on my way home i picked up chinese food from a place joe and i used to frequent in college and we ate it in our pj’s and called it an early night. shout out to otter who let us sleep in between feedings. he does so good all night but once he’s up for this 3am feeding he loves to talk and talk and talk until about 8am when we are all up and he is tuckered out. but friday night the little dude drifted off after each feeding. thank you sir otto.

once we got up and moving in the morning i took otto and met up with my friend aimee at the zeeland peddler market and shopped for a bit. i bought otto this adorable toy wooden car in the shape of a jeep wagoneer made by these two gentleman from the area. it’s a good thing we got there early they barely had anything left! after the show otto and i headed into the shop to check things out. we headed home after that and packed up with joe and headed to pentwater.

we arrived around 6pm and went for a walk to the beach to check things out and picked up take out from the antler bar on our way home. crossed our fingers that otto would sleep as good as he did friday morning.. (he didn’t) and went to bed early.

we woke up in between feedings and just hung out around the cottage in the morning reading and watching old episodes of entourage. (we’ve watched the same two seasons like 30 times) before we got dressed and went for a nice long beach walk. we walked and walked. i had otto sleeping and snug on my chest with the wrap, holding hands with joe walking the shoreline with the warm water hitting our toes and looking at the changing leaves of the trees. for that moment there were not pending surgeries, no anxiety about the upcoming unknowns, no health issues, no stress, no exhaustion it was just a perfect peaceful moment in nature. we have a big week coming up and i’m dreading our thursday appointment because it just makes things so real. i needed this moment together as a family to just be at peace for a bit. as it got closer to noon otto started to stir and it was time to walk back and “face reality”. we went back and fed otto then packed up the cottage, closed it up for winter. so sad but with ottos surgery 4-6 weeks out we probably won’t be spending the night there anytime soon. next summer though we are going to have a ton of adventures out there. we both said we cannot wait for otto to explore pentwater and hopefully love it as much as we do.

we headed home and i stopped to get groceries and we unpacked the car and made a delightful meatloaf from one of my new cookbooks and fell asleep by 9pm. perfect little fall weekend with my family.

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