weekend recap mid holiday

what is this day? our office is open and i didn’t take a vacation day so it’s like a check in in between a weekend and a random day off. lol it’s turned me all around and upside down. i’m not sure where i’m supposed to be and when because my normal monday routine is out the window. i don’t mind though. it’s actually kind of nice to have a break early mid week and not fall super far behind. (that’s what i’m telling myself).

this weekend was absolutely fantastic. we got so much done that i’m feeling really good about life right now haha. friday was a rough day for me. just physically and mentally. my body was just sore, the baby was moving in strange and new places that kind of hurt and my feet were like footballs. i definitely let the mental toughness slack a little bit and get the best of me. i feel like pregnancy power is just as much mental as it is physical. your attitude really does affect your physical well being and friday i just had a bit of a slippery day.

however it ended good i had lunch with my pals and then liz came over at night and took the greedy gus bottle lamb home. it was bitter sweet because she is so precious and sweet but it was getting to the point where she was just getting bullied more and more by betty her negligent mom and it was too sad to watch. plus she wasn’t feeding from her anymore anyway. if you have been watching liz’s instagram stories i think she’s living a pretty good life.

after she left with the lamb we packed up and headed to pentwater stopping at my parents cottage on the way to check out their new pizza oven. it’s pretty slick! we bought it last fall for my mom’s 50th birthday present and it makes amazing wood fire pizzas! we sat on the deck eating pizza and hanging out before heading up to pentwater. we didn’t get there until pretty late but that’s ok we were exhausted anyway.
saturday morning we slept in until 8am! i honestly can’t tell you the last time i did that. joe was still sleeping and normally i would ride my bike to the coffee shop but that is a bit tough these days so i drove the three blocks to pick up coffee and muffins. we had breakfast and drank our coffee and plotted out our day. personally i wanted to screw it and go to the beach but joe was the slave driver for once and off to lowes we went. we stopped for lunch at over the moon bistro in ludington and devoured some lobster nachos that kept us full for seriously the rest of the day. those things are deliciously ridiculous. we headed back with all our trim and lowes treasures and got to work. joe worked on lights and hanging trim as i painted trim and walked around painting spots we missed. the house is so close to being done. i’m glad he made us work because we are just that much closer.

after we were done working the beach day opportunity was gone but we went and had dinner on the deck of gulls landing and then got ice cream and looked at boats to buy (note: we are having a baby no time for boats at the moment but a gal can dream right?). we headed back to the cottage and read for a bit before calling it a night.

sunday we woke up a little earlier and got breakfast again from the coffee shop before heading to the beach. seriously like 30 minutes after we set up at the beach it started to rain. we packed up and headed home because back in allegan it was 15 degrees warmer and bright and sunny! we hung out by the pool and swam. hilarious that the dogs hate it when we are in the pool and binks was barking so much at us floating in the raft that he fell in the pool and couldn’t get out. i’m 8 months pregnant trying to swim a raft to him and joe had to jump out and pull him out of the deep end. some guard dog he is. lol reverse well saving timmy. (lassie reference) after it started to get a little cloudy we worked in the garden until it started to down pour and we went inside, showered and made

we made a french onion zucchini dish, potatoes and steak with fresh cherry crisp for dessert and just sat in the screen room watching the storms come and go. it was a wonderful weekend.


  1. Nancy H says:

    Love your blog. I was wondering if you would share your recipe for the French Onion Zucchini Casserole you made. It looked delicious.

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