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i’m coming at you this morning laura ingalls wilder style… around 5:30am this morning our power went out… yea just in time to get ready for work. we took sprinkle showers and brushed our teeth with bottled water. just like they did in the olden days. lol. this weekend joe and i hermited up pretty much the entire weekend in our house. we took full advantage of the sunshine and warm temps and worked our butts off outside.

friday night joe got home late so we just ordered pizza and hung out watching the tigers game in the screen room. all was calm and great until i felt a woosh! over my head and realized we had a bat in the screen room somehow. it came flying in from the house i’m pretty sure because there were no open windows in the screen room. we army crawled into the house and got it shut in the screen room. joe went around the back of the house and opened the porch door and after about 5 minutes it flew out. we’ve had the bat guy come out and inspect the house and we sealed up the holes he told us to. this is the first bat we’ve had since we’ve done that. might be time for another call.

saturday morning i headed into the shop to do some fluffing and get things ready for saturday morning. i quick ran to the farmers market to get some things for sunday night dinner (lamb) and stopped by the greenhouse to pick up more of my flats on my way home. joe and i pretty much spent the rest of saturday either working in the garden or working on the pool. joe finished shearing our sheep while i was out this morning so i was grateful he had that done. we worked outside until about 6pm before we called it quits and treated ourselves to a nice dinner at salt of the earth. i got the pressed chicken which this time (changes with the season) was like a deconstructed chicken pot pie. it had the delicious chicken on top of an opened biscuit then poured with peas, carrots and a very light gravy. it was absolutely phenomenal. joe said his was the best dish he’s ever had there. he had the pork ziti which i can’t disagree with him it was one of the best i’ve tasted there. full and completely exhausted we headed for home. i don’t even remember what we watched on tv that night i was so tired.

sunday morning we wen to the earlier service of church. we almost missed it because we weren’t aware of summer hours. after church we grabbed  a quick breakfast at a nearby golf course and then to lowes to pick up some pool parts and garden supplies. then again the rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden and at the pool working to get both up and running for summer. by 6pm again we were dead tired (and slightly sunburned) (missed a spot) so we cleaned up and made dinner. we made one of my favorite lamb recipes ever which is skewered lamb roast (alternate fat with meat) on the grill and then topped with a jalapeño blueberry balsamic glaze. we also cooked up some asparagus with lemon. while we were outside i let a peach berry crisp bake in my tiny oven so the entire house didn’t heat up and we had that for dessert. we ended the night watching the NBA finals (yea…) and called it a night.

even though we worked ourselves pretty much to the point of exhaustion this weekend it felt good to get on top of things and keep our minds busy. and honestly just sit back and enjoy the farm a bit.


  1. Jo Nelson says:

    I had 9 bats last fall and one this spring. I called the exterminator and they filled every hole they could find. They also put 2 vents on the roof that lets them out but they can’t get back in. One night a couple weeks ago, I was in bed and saw one fly overhead. Ugh!!! I would rather have snakes and mice crawl on me then even see a bat. I got it locked in the porch, opened the door and waited an hour but he wouldn’t leave so I went to bed. My beloved neighbor came over in the morning and got him out. I called the exterminator and he said sometimes you can have one or two rogue bats that somehow never got out and I haven’t seen anything since so hopefully that was the end.

    On another note, did that last ewe ever have her baby??

    • We had the exterminator/ bat man come and tell us where to seal it up but i think we are going to have to have him come back and seal it himself it’s just SO expensive 🙁 however a peace of mind might be worth it at this point.

      We had the vet come out and inspect her and the lamb didn’t make it. it’s kind of a long story but she either had a miscarriage pretty late and we just never found the lamb or there is something happens early on when the lamb is still young that is just kind of goes away?

      so weird.

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