weekend recap rip stan

so this weekend was full of ups and downs. i was home after being gone for an entire week and joe was actually going to be home at the same time as well. kinda. friday night he had a charity dinner and i worked late at the shop and fell asleep at 8pm with a pizza on my lap. but other than that we were mostly together which was really really nice.

saturday morning joe and i went antiquing a bit for the store and house. while we didn’t find anything super spectacular for us personally (two small jadeite bowls) we did find a lot of good stuff for the store. we hit up a few stores out near the lansing area then headed in to town for some lunch and then joe went to the office for a  bit to get caught up and i went to the store to hang out. (can’t stay away!)

after we met back up around 6pm we went to graydons crossing and split some spinach dip and their indian burrito. not near as tasty as their indian lasagna (rip) but still super duper tasty. we went home and watched a movie after that. super eventful saturday night.

sunday we went to the early service at church and then to get some panera bread before getting groceries. we went and checked out some furniture pieces for some rooms we are working on but didn’t find anything worth pulling the trigger over. i headed to my mom and dads after shopping because my mom, sisters and grandma and i went to see the sound of music at the devos performance hall. it was amazing. except halfway through the show joe sent me a text that stan (our ram) wasn’t moving and was laying in the back of the barn. we couldn’t get the vet there in time and he died just a few minutes later.

it was so so sad because you feel really responsible , like you should have checked them earlier, noticed it earlier etc. he was our O.G. ram and we are so sad. you feel like really shitty humans when one of your animals just randomly dies. the vet things it was an acute urinary blockage which can be commonly found in young rams. just sad we didn’t catch it in time. we are really hoping our first lambing season goes well because this will be stan’s only offspring. he was such a nice ram too. stan wasn’t aggressive, super friendly and just kind of minded his own business.

it was kind of a crappy way to end such a good weekend but live and learn right?


  1. Sorry about sweet Stan:(

  2. Sorry to hear about Stan! It’s always so sad when a pet dies! On another note I just have to say that I am always so impressed at how many things you seem to accomplish in one weekend. I enjoy your weekend recaps….you seem to go half way across the state, maybe into another state even and back, then to work at the shop and go out and enjoy a nice meal with your hubby and to bed by 9 or 10. And that’s just in one day! You must drive like crazy and buzz thru the picking places….ha, ha. I love it!

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