weekend recap road trip

it was so much fun going on a little road trip this weekend with my mom and sister. it was good to just get away and have a day of no distractions and just girl time. we literally shopped till we dropped. i’m not even kidding we were basically crawling back to the car sunday afternoon our feet hurt so bad from walking.

rewind though to friday night which now feels like an eternity away. we got home from work and met up with my pal shawn and her husband chris down in kalamazoo. chris is a pilot so we got to see the plane he flys…. i’m thinking i need a private pilot now. after he closed up shop we went to dinner at rustica in kalamazoo. seriously had the best appetizer of my life. it was charred broccolini with jalapeños, burrata cheese and this tangy cream sauce dotted on the plate. seriously i could have just had an entire plate of that. we closed down the place we were talking and laughing so hard. we didn’t get home until 11pm! which for this early to bed early to rise might as well be 2am.

saturday morning i woke up, packed my bags, grabbed my wallet and headed into town. i stopped at the store before it opened to just check things out and make sure the gals were ready to take on the day. after that i headed to my moms house and we took off for chicago. we didn’t even go downtown because michigan ave. is a little over rated. i like this outdoor mall in oakbrook illinois that has anthropologie, jcrew, lululemon and all of these amazing stores that are larger than the ones at home. they also have a pottery barn kids and a land of nod which guys… omg adorable. i’ve been struggling to find gender neutral decor for the nursery that i liked and they had so many cute ideas! my favorite i think is this stuffed pig rocker from land of nod.  i was obsessed with it but the farm theme just seems to easy? i’ll have to think on it.

after we left oakbrook we headed to the fashion outlets of chicago which is my new favorite outlet mall. it’s all indoors and has really nice high end outlets. more curated less digging. (if you are in the mood for digging there is nordstrom rack, bloomingdales outlet and neiman marcus last call there). we shopped right up until 9pm and went to our hotel which is conveniently right across the street and passed out.

we woke up sunday morning and went out for a nice big breakfast before hitting the outlet one more time before heading home. the car loaded and our feet literally exhausted we headed for home. i got home around 7pm and joe (i’m going to brag here a minute) had taken down all the wallpaper out of the hallway, cleaned the house and made dinner. he made a cauliflower and gruyere baked risotto. (who is this guy?!) we watch a bit of the grammys before we decided it was boring and headed off to bed.

it was another great weekend gone by too fast!

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