weekend recap shop girl

woah woah woah! this weekend was absolutely insane! you guys! the store was so busy friday night and saturday we were just absolutely blown away by how many of you came out to our mercantile event at the ol’ store location and then came to see us at the new location. i had such a blast being shop girl all weekend! there is seriously nothing better.

friday night we were there until about 1030 at night. i don’t even remember going to bed haha. i remember getting home and going straight out to do chores because i knew if i went inside i would fall asleep and the sheep, chicken and dogs would not be happy with me about that. they were already pretty pissed.

saturday morning i woke up at 5am to shower and get ready and head into the store. we were opening early at 8am to welcome in everyone to the event and main store. we were absolutely slammed from that time until close. we locked the shop door at 5:30, cleaned up, closed up and headed out just completely exhausted. on my way home i stopped at public to pick up my adult macaroni (that is all that sounded good to me) and went home. i did chores right away again and then ate dinner on the couch. i’m pretty sure i fell asleep at like 730 because i woke up at 10pm with my plate still on my chest. i remembered i brought home a cupcake so i went downstairs, ate that and crawled into bed. i’m pretty sure that i was still sleeping the entire time.

sunday morning there was a thunderstorm and i just kinda laid in bed and slowly woke up. i was eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee when i saw something out of the corner of my eye crawling around. it was a tick! i calmly went and got a piece of tissue and flushed it down the toilet to a watery grave. i was able to take a picture of it though and upon inspection it is indeed a “dog tick” otherwise known as a “wood tick”. i scanned myself and the rest of the bed. it must have been a lone ranger but that didn’t stop me from throwing everything into the washing machine on high heat just to be safe. at this point i figured might as well get up and get going. i made my meal plan for the week and left to get groceries. (first i stopped at target, west elm and anthropologie) then i went to fresh thyme to get groceries. by the time i got home joe was back from his bachelor party that he was at all weekend up north. we put the groceries away and then put the screen room back together. i had everything torn apart because i painted the entire room last weekend. once that was situated we had a snack and watched a movie in the screen room. i placed re orders for the store while we were in there. we both ended up dozing off again then woke up to make dinner and watch a bit of the tigers before going to bed early again.

i think we were both wiped out from the weekends activities.

thank you so much again to everyone who came out to see us at our event this weekend. we are so grateful for all of your support. we can’t wait to do it again!


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