weekend recap sunshine edition

you guys… saturday was a gift from God above for us michiganders don’t you think? i mean how did we get sunshine and 60 degrees in mid january? now i know we need to brace ourselves because we have snow coming at the end of the week but seriously. it was a literal breath of fresh air i think we all needed.

friday night joe and i got home from work and went to try out the new restaurant in downtown allegan. that’s right! a NEW good restaurant in downtown allegan. it’s called redtail 412. i was so happy that it was so delicious! joe and i started off by splitting the pork belly that was served with a smoked strawberry jam, fried egg and ciabatta. it was probably the best cooked pork belly i’ve ever had. i then had the fried chicken (yum) and joe had the fish and chips (he approved) and we split the s’more cake for dessert. the s’more isn’t of the same caliber as salt of the earth but that’s not even a fair comparison because they were a totally different type of dessert.

after a full meal we headed home to watch a movie and crash.

saturday morning i woke up super early and headed into the shop. i had a bunch of stuff i wanted to get out on the floor before we opened and plus it’s just nice to have it all to yourself once in a while. people started lining up again a bit early so we opened just a few minutes early and had a great morning all together. the was was shining, it was warm… couldn’t complain. we were well staffed so the three of us decided to head out and do our errands in the afternoon. meijer was RIGHT next to jaku so of course i popped in there for a late lunch. then i headed home to help joe with a few chores around the house and by the time we were done with those our friends came over to head out to salt of the earth for dinner.

sunday morning joe and i went to church in martin again (this was a church’s 3rd try) and it was pretty good. i liked the diversity of ages in the attendees and they still held on to a lot of traditions i’m familiar with so that was a plus. after church we headed to the old goat for brunch (joe got the shrimp and grits and i got the cajun biscuits and gravy). then we went to home depot and bed bath and beyond (after we stopped at the downtown market for ice cream and frozen dinners) before heading home to do… more projects! joe hung all of the light switch covers, finished painting the vents and i took down a few pieces of christmas decor and then we both peeled two walls of wallpaper! this is coming down a lot easier than the wallpaper that was in the dining room (plaster walls vs. drywall).

we made popcorn and watched 22 jump street after that.

it was just a great weekend!


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