weekend recap where there’s smoke

Happy Monday morning I smell like smoke and campfire. Let me back up. I smell like my bee smoker? Back up again, yesterday I went out to check my bees and they were so pissed off I literally got stung through my bee suit. Yea that can happen. It was most likely because I had my bathing suit underneath and not another layer of clothing like I should have. So things are getting hot up in there and a little crowded so it’s time for me to add some new frames. Before half the hive splits and swarms. This morning I finally busted out my bee smoker and it worked absolute wonders. I’ve been trying to not use it as much as possible because it makes your bees go into survival mode and start to eat the honey they have stored up. But this morning when it was already 80 at 6:30 in the morning… it was needed.

So that was my Monday kick off. If you check out my instagram stories you can see more photos from this mornings events.

Back up yet again… Friday joe and I peaced out right after work and headed up to Pentwater. There is nothing better than that feeling of just getting out of work on a Friday and heading out for some rest and relaxation. We got to Pentwater around 7pm and met up with our friends for dinner. We sat out on the deck overlooking the water and grilled up some steaks and asparagus and hung out until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Saturday morning we slept in and had coffee and read for a bit before packing up and heading out to the beach. We sat out on the beach and napped and read our books some more before meeting up with friends again for lunch at gulls landing. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the deck enjoying the summer sun. we had to leave Pentwater around 2pm to get to my cousins wedding on time in grand haven. We decided to head home after the wedding and dipped our feet in the pool at home and called it a night.

Sunday morning we went out for brunch to salt of the earth. (they start it back up on mothers day!) it’s delicious seriously. We got the donuts and then I had bacon French toast and joe had the heurvos rancheros. After brunch we went out to a farmers market stand and picked up some Michigan strawberries, asparagus and potatoes for dinner before heading back to the house.

We floated around in the pool and lounged the rest of the afternoon. Getting up here or there to pull a few weeds before jumping back into the pool. We got out of the pool around 5pm and got cleaned up. We assembled the goldfishes crib which surprisingly went super easy. We had it assembled in about 25 minutes. I can’t wait to show you! After that my parents stopped by to bring an air conditioning unit (yea our house doesn’t have air) and we had dinner out on the deck before wrapping up the evening at plainwell ice cream.

All in all a perfect weekend.

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