weekend recap about town

this was such a relaxing fun weekend i don’t want it to end. but alas it’s monday and i barely slept a wink last night. around 8pm or so i started hearing squeeks coming from somewhere. upon further investigation there are either bats or mice in the walls. i stood in one of the older parts of the house clutching my tennis racket and could hear something scurrying about on the ceiling which made me think mice. however they sounded like bats. so i slept with a light on and a tennis racket. calling the exterminator today. i had finally drifted off when a HUGE thunderstorm came through at 3am and that kept me up another 45 minutes. so needless to say i’m not starting this monday exactly rested….

friday night joe and i both got home from work and went out to dinner at salt of the earth. we just went light and got salads and split a pizza. we came home around 9 and called it a night. we’re pretty wild and crazy let me tell you.

saturday morning joe went to walk the hunting property with my dad and brother and i went on an antiquing journey. honestly i can’t even tell you exactly where i went. i started by going to this antique show in potterville michigan and then hitting up antique stores all over and somehow ended just outside of coldwater… according to my calculations i walked about 30,000 sq feet of antique store that morning. i was in search of some bigger pieces but of course came home with stuff i didn’t even need. jadeite and some iron stone. joe and i picked up around the house, watched a movie (in the afternoon!) and then went to dinner locally at four roses.

sunday i went for brunch at the butchers union. i was so excited i got there 10 minutes before it opened haha. i’ve been dying to try that place for so long. everyone has been raving about it. it’s worth the hype. i had a breakfast roll which was in the shape of a cinnamon roll but without the sweet. it had ricotta and pesto filling then topped with a fried egg and mustard cream sauce. it was delicious. after that i did errands / did a little shopping. i went to target, homegoods, jcrew, sur la table and fresh thyme. with my groceries in tow i headed home and baked up a little storm. i made plumb and greek yogurt pops, julia childs homemade sandwich bread and a lemon blueberry cake. the cake is going with me to the office this morning. it’s not safe here at home. after i was done baking i picked up around the house, washed my hair and had a little take out dinner i picked up from fresh thyme.

it was such a relaxing weekend until about 8pm last night haha.

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