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I woke up this morning and even the hurt on my joints hurt. Joe and I took full advantage of having basically no plans this weekend to get caught up on our spring cleaning chores as much as possible. I can’t lie, it felt really good to wake up this morning and have so much accomplished. I feel like the more we can get done now around the farm and cottage the more I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer when the goldfish comes in august.

Friday we left work a bit early to head to a friends wedding in downtown grand rapids at the goei center. I have never been to an event there and it was really beautiful and the perfect venue to have people just gather for an occasion. We stayed out until they closed the wedding down however we did not join the gang heading downtown. I was about ready to turn into a pumpkin at 12am.

Saturday morning we woke up and enjoyed our coffee and read a little bit before deciding to head up to Pentwater to tackle some projects. We did chores and packed up the tools and headed north. We stopped at home depot hoping to buy some flooring but they did not have many colors in stock so we changed plans and decided to give the interior one more coat of paint. We stopped at the Muskegon farmers market too for lunch. They always have a few different varieties of food trucks parked outside. It was fun to walk around and take in the crisp windy sunshine and get some bbq sandwiches.

While I painted the ceiling and walls one more time throughout the cottage joe worked on building a wall to enclose the new steps to the loft we had put in. that took us almost until 8pm but we pushed through and got it done so we didn’t have any work to do there the rest of the day. We showered, cleaned up and headed to gulls landing downtown Pentwater for dinner. We could barely keep our eyes open through dinner haha. We headed back to the penthouse and crashed.

Sunday we laid in bed watching old episodes of entourage and reading. (I shopped online) we drank coffee and just enjoyed the cottage for a bit. We packed up and headed out around 11:30 am stopping for lunch in grand haven at electric hero for grilled cheese on our way home.

We were going to take it easy but then figured might as well keep going! I baked a batch of cookies and then put my paint clothes back on and gave our screen room a new coat of white paint. The wood was starting to rot a bit so I’m hoping giving it a fresh coat and sealing up some windows will help delay putting new windows in there. Side note: does anyone know if you can get window screens repaired? Or do you have to just order new ones? That is my next big purchase for that room.

While I was doing that joe mowed the yard, fixed the front pasture fence and mowed it down a bit so we can pasture rotate our sheep this year. You’d be shocked how fast they mow down grass and towards the end of the summer the back pasture we usually keep them on is minimal.

After chores were done and we completed our projects we cooked dinner together after fighting the urge to just order pizza. We made a chicken lo mein (it was delightful) and watched the big short before passing out.

Feels so good to get things done!


  1. The Tru Value Hardware Store ( it may be called Ace Hardware now???) on Lincoln in Holland repairs screens. FYI.

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