where i ate

back from a quick get away with my mom to chicago to relax and recharge a bit.

most of you know that when i travel i am all about the food and the shopping.

however this time both my mom and i are working really hard to be healthy and not over do it but still eat out at some of my favorite places. i thought i would list a few of the places where we were able to find some whole good food that was both delicious and healthy.

dinner sunday night we hit up bar sienna to kick up our feet from shopping all day and fill out stomachs with some grub and soak up all the starbucks from the day. we split the garlic grilled shrimp with lemon and i got the bone in grilled chicken with a peppery spicy broth and my mom got the halibut which was covered with delicious roasted cauliflower and mushrooms. we skipped out on dessert because… you know.
chicagofood3monday morning we suited up and went for a 1.5 mile walk to breakfast at the little goat. because you know i can never not go to little goat when i am in chicago. i got the steel cut oatmeal with berries and sausage links and my mom got an egg white scramble and fruit.


we shopped all morning then headed to eataly for lunch. i will say it was not as good as previous visits. there are so many places for lunch in the city but i love walking through there that it seemed like a good place to grab some grub. we each got a half rotisserie chicken and brussel sprouts. it was good but like i said it wasn’t the best. i even managed self control around the giant wheels of cheese.

we left the city satisfied, full and happy we were not coming home to tight pants.


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